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Frosh Poultry Quiz

Mature male Rooster
Mature female Hen
Young male Cockerel
Young female Pullet
Castrated male Capon
Young Chick
Latin name Poultry/Avian
Parturition Laying/hatching
Gestation length 21 days to hatching/24 hours to create an egg
Layers Chickens raised for egg production
Broilers Chickens raised for meat production
Three (3) common breeds that lay BROWN eggs Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire, Barred Plymouth Rock
Breed that lays a lot of white eggs per year & is more efficient than brown egg layers White Leghorn
Most popular breed White Leghorn
Top 5 egg laying states California, Georgia, Arkansas, Indiana, Pennsylvania
What type of housing are broilers raised in? Floor operations
At what weight and age are broilers marketed? 8 weeks & 4 to 5 pounds
At what weight and age are roasters marketed? 3 to 5 months & 6 to 8 pounds
Top 5 broiler states Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Alabama
Beak trimming Trimming the sharp end of the beak at one day old to prevent cannibalism
Molting When layers lose their feathers and stop producing eggs for about 2 months before re-growing feathers
When molting occurs Usually after 1 year of egg production
Candling Showing light through egg to determine interior quality
Lighting Regulates when chickens produce eggs. For max production, layers need 16 hours of light
Coop Small shed used to house backyard flocks
Albumen Egg white
Age when pullets lay eggs 5 months old
How freshness is determined Air cell size & thickness of albumen
Incubation 21 day period where the egg requires heat, humidity & turning in order to hatch
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