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Dairy Breeds

Where did the Ayrshire originate from? County of Ayr, Scotland
When was the first Ayrshire come to America? 1822
Where is the Ayrshire Breeders Association Located? Columbus, Ohio
What colors are Ayrshires? Deep Cherry Red, Mahongany, or a combination of any of these colors with white or pure white
What breed is one of the breeds of dairy cattle? Brown Swiss
Where did the Brown Swiss Originate? Switzerland
When was the first time Brown Swiss were imported to the US? 1869
Where is the Brown Swiss Breeders' Association located? Beloit, Wisconsin
What breed is docile, slow moving with more heat tolerance than any other breed? Brown Swiss
What body parts are the Brown Swiss know for? Their outstanding feet and legs, udders that last, and longevity
What breed is considered the Royal Breed? Guernsey
Where is the Guernsey from? The Isle of Guernsey in the English Channel
When was the first Guernsey Cow and bull imported to America? 1831
Where is the largest Guernsey herd? Hoards Dairyman
Where is the Guernsey Breeders' Association located? Reynoldsburg, Ohio
What colors can the Guernsey be? Shades of Fawns, either solid or with white markings, with golden yellow pigmentation
What is Guernsey Milk high in? Beta-Carotene
What color is milk that is high in beta-carotene? Golden
What breed is known for their calm and docile disposition and relatively good calving ease? The Guernsey
Where is the Holstein from? The Netherlands
When was the first Holsteins brought to America? About 1621
Where is the Holstein Breeders' Association located? Brattleboro, Vermont
What Breed is a large, stylish animal, and with outstanding milk producing capability? Holstein
What colors are Holstein? Black and White or Red and White
How much does a healthy newborn Holstein calf weigh? 90 or more pounds
What percentage of the milk produced in the US is from Holsteins? 90%
What breed is known for their vigorous appetite and adaptability to a wide range of conditions? The Holstein
Where did the Jersey come from? The Isle of Jersey in the English Channel
What was the first year Jerseys came to America? 1815
Where is the Jersey Breed Association Office located? Reynoldsberg, Ohio
What color are Jerseys? A shade of fawn with or without white markings
What are other noticeable features about Jerseys? The muzzle is black with light color ring, and the tongue and switch can be either black or white
What breed is the smallest of all the dairy breeds? The Jersey
What breed has an excellent heat tolerance, high fertility, calving ease, and high pounds of milk solids produced per pound of feed consumed? The Jersey
Where is the Milking Shorthorn from? Northeastern England in the valley of the Tees River
What year was the Milking Shorthorn brought to America? 1783
Where is the American Milking Shorthorn Society located? Beliot, Wisconsin
What color are Milking Shorthorns? Red, Red and white, or roan
Where is the Montbeliarde from? Montbeliarde region in France
What is a common feature in Montbeliardes? A white head
This breed is strong and robust, showing constitution and vigor, symmetry, style, and balance throughout and characterized by strongly attached evenly balanced well-shape udder. Ayrshire
This breed is strong and vigorous but not course. Adequate size with dairy quality. Brown Swiss
Strength and balance with quality and character is desired for this breed. Guernsey
Rugged feminine qualities in an alert cow possessing adequate size and vigor is known for this breed. Red and White
This breed is known for its rugged feminine qualities in an alert cow possessing Holstein size and vigor. Holstein
This breed has sharpness with strength indicating productive efficiency. Jersey
This breed is strong and vigorous but not course. Milking Shorthorn
Created by: 4HwrightDairy