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Chapter 1

List the three elements of health Physical, Mental/Emotional, and Social
What are the influences on your health? Heredity,physical environment,social environment,culture,attitude,behavior,and the media and tech.
Define Risk Behavior and list the six risk behaviors. actions you do that can possibly threaten your health or the health of others.Tobacco use,unhealthy diets, no physical activity,alcohol and other drug use, sexual behaviors , and behavior that contribute to violence and injuries.
List the characteristics of mentally healthy people. enjoy challenges,takes responsibility for their actions,has a sense of control over their life, can express their emotions in the right way, has a positive outlook, makes thoughtful and responsible decisions.
Define Lifestyle Factors and list seven examples. The personal habits or behaviors related to how a person lives. 8 hours of sleep , healthy breakfast , variety of nutritious food , be active for 30-60 minutes, healthy weight,don’t smoke ,use alcohol or other drugs.
What are the tips for maintaining healthy relationships? Communicate with each other, compromise. lend a helping hand.communicating skills. conflict resolution.
Be able to use all the refusal skills. say no,explain why, offer alternatives,walk away
What does HELP stand for? Healthy,ethical , legal,parent approval.
What are all of the advertising techniques? magazines , tv, internet, newspaper, radio.
Define Action Plan step you have to do to achieve a goal.
List examples of short-term and long-term goals short-term : Passing a test Doing all Chores. Long-term:going to college getting your dream job
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