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Rabbit Mammal small about 40 cm long, soft hair, long ears, short tail and hind legs more developed; it lives in burrows and reproduces very quickly.
Horse Mammal of medium or larger sized, uniform color and short ears. It is tamed easily and is often used for riding.
Wolf Mammal carnivorous, like a big dog, wild, dark gray fur, sharp head, stiff ears and long tail with long hair.
Bear Mammal carnivorous, large size, a brown fur, large head, small eyes, with claws, and very short tail, who lives in the wooded mountains.
Lion Mammal big carnivorous, reddish-yellow fur, with big head, teeth and nails strong, long tail, and whose male is distinguished by a long mane.
Dolphin Aquatic mammal, greyish in color, long beak-shaped snout and large mouth provided with many small teeth; it rises to the surface to breath.
Swan Fowl of white plumage, small head, orange beak and whit black edges, very long flexible neck, short paws and large wings.
Dog Mammal domestic, the size, shape and fur depends on the breed, which has a very good smell and is intelligent and very friendly man.
Cat Mammal carnivorous domestic, about 50 cm long, long tail, round head, soft fur could be black white, gray, brown, or reddish, which is used to hunt mice.
Tortoise Reptile whose body is protected by a hard shell, within which they can put the head, limbs and tail; It feeds on plants and is characterized by walking very slowly; There terrestrial and aquatic species.