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Survey of ag unit 3

Agribusiness systems industries including sales, services, farm & ranch management, entrepreneurship and economics
Agriculture Experience Tracker (AET) online record keeping system for agricultural experiences
Animal systems industries including production animals, small animals, wildlife and research animals
Biotechnology systems the management of biological systems for the benefit of humans, including cloning, gene transfer and other technologies
Entrepreneurship plan and operate an agriculture related business
Environmental service systems industries including pollution prevention, water and air quality, hazardous materials, solid waste management, health and safety sanitation
Exploratory learn about something in agriculture and its many related careers
Food products & processing systems industries including food processing, preserving, packaging, distribution, government monitoring and regulation
Natural resources systems industries including habitat conservation, forest products, parks and recreation, mining, environmental services, fisheries and soil conservation
Placement work for a business or individual, either for pay or for the experience
Plant systems industries including agronomics, horticulture, forestry, turf, viticulture and soils
Power structural & technical systems industries including power, structure, controls, geospatial technology, computer systems, electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics
Proficiency award FFA award that recognizes members that have developed specialized skills that they can apply to their future careers
Research/Experimental conduct research and analyze information to discover new knowledge
Resume a brief written account of personal, educational and professional qualifications and experience
Supervised agriculture experinece (SAE) a project done by students with help from their agricultura instructor in which they learn by doing
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