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VTT Dentistry FINAL


What is the part of tooth that is visible above the gumline? Crown
What is the deepest part of the root called? Apex
What is the apical delta? series of small canals which blood vessels & nerves enter the tooth
What is the apical foramen? The hole in which the nerves and blood vessels enter the tooth
Where is the neck of the tooth? where the enamel meets the dentin at the gum line, slight indentation
What is the periodontal ligament? holds the tooth in place in the socket
What is the alveolus? socket, notch in alveolar bone where tooth rests
Where can a beaver tip be used? supragingivally
What is the proper technique used to re-cap needles? never with 2 hands, scoop up lid with needle, dispose of in sharps
Do puppies and kittens have primary molars/ no
What is the normal sulcus depth for a dog? 1-3mm
What is the normal sulcus depth for a cat? 0.5-1mm
Lingual surface is described as? towards the tongue
The surface of the tooth below the gum line is covered with what? cementum
What is the dental formula for a puppy? 2x( i3/3,c1/1,p3/3)=28
What is the dental formula for the adult dog? 2x(I3/3, C1/1, P4/4,M2/3)=40
What is the dental formula for the kitten? 2x(i3/3, c1/1, p3/2)=26
What is the dental formula for the adult cat/ 2x(I3/3, C1/1, P3/2, M1/1)=30
What is the tip of the tooth called? cusp
Dentin is produced by what/ ondontoblasts
Enamel is produced by what? Ameloblasts
The surface of the tooth that faces the cheek? buccal
When using the ultrasonic scaler what is the mx amount of time that should be spent on any single tooth at a time? 10 seconds
2 types of devices within the hand piece of the ultrasonic scaler can pick up sound waves and turn them into what? vibration
When is enamel produced? during tooth development
Can enamel regenerate/repair itself over time/ NO
____-- hand pieces are used for polishing teeth low speed
In the kitten premolars erupt at what age? 3-6 weeks
What is the portion of the tooth that extends above the gumline? crown
dolicocephalic long heads, example, greyhounds
Mesaticephalic medium heads, example, Labradors
Brachycephalic short heads/ smushed faces example boxers, pugs
What are other names for baby teeth? deciduous, primary
The space between the teeth is called what? the interproximal space
What is the area where the root meets the crown is called? furcation
What is the area where the root meets the crown is called in a tooth with 2 roots? bifuraction
What is the area where the root meets the crown is called in a tooth with 3 roots? trifurcation
Which instrument is used to remove plaque/calculus subgingivaly? curette
Which instrument is used to remove plaque/calculus supragingivally? scaler
What instrument is used to measure the sulcus depth/ periodontal probe
What is the vital internal tissue of the tooth called? pulp
What is the upper jaw called maxilla
What is the lower jaw called? mandible
What does OSHA stand for? occupation safety and health administration
What does OSHA do? creates and enforces guidelines and protocals for workplace safety
How do ultrasonic scalers removes calculus? by breaking up and pulverizing it
What can you do if the hand instrument you are using does not fit the curvature of the tooth? use the other end of the instrument what is this called? Adaptation
Chewing tennis balls can cause what? Abrasions
What is an abrasion/ wear caused by the friction of the teeth against external objects
What is attrition? wear of the teeth caused by friction of the teeth against each other
What causes staining? occlusal wear and dentin exposure
What is glossitis? inflammation of the tongue
What do ameloblasts produce? enamel
What are peg teeth? abnormally formed supernumerary teeth
Classify a fracture in which the pulp chamber is exposed and extends beyond the gum line ccrf of fx3b
What does friction caused be the teeth against each other cause? attrition
Diseased tissue form what is called a ______ while healthy tissue is called_______? pocket, sulcus
What is disclosing solution used for? detects plaque/tarter that was missed during scaling
What instrument is used to examine the tooth's surface?******** shepherds hook?***
What instrument has 2 sharp sides, a rounded back and rounded toe? universal curette
Why should constant irrigation be used during ultrasonic scaling? to protect the pulp chamber from thermal damage
A dental prophylaxis is what? prevention and protective treatment
Why is fluoride not rinsed off of the teeth?? because it needs to sit on the tooth's surface for 3-5 minutes
in the kitten what age do premolars erupt? 3-6 weeks
How would an occlusion where the mandible is shorter than normal be classified? Class 2 (II)
What condition is caused by a shortened upper jaw? maxillary brachynathism
What condition is caused by a long lower jaw? mandibular prognathisim
What does purple discoloration of a tooth indicate? hemorrhage
What is an abnormal opening between the nasal and the sinus cavity? oral nasal fistula
What is the main purpose of dental prophy paste? to smooth out roughness on the tooth surface caused by scaling
What is tooth luxation? partial displacement of the tooth from the socket
What is avulsion? complete displacement of the tooth from the socket
What is one form or oral neoplasia fibrosarcoma
What is the space between the teeth called? interproximal space
What dental instrument is used to remove calculus subginivally? curette
What instrument is used to remove calculus supragingivally scaler
FORL is linked to what dietary issue excessive vitamin D
What is a Gemini tooth? a tooth with one root and 2 crowns
What is a fused tooth? a tooth with 2-3 roots and 1 crown
What techniques can be used in combination when extracting teeth/ vertical and horizontal
What is the calcified, mineralized substance on the tooth surface? calculus
What is the normal sulcus depth in dogs? 1-3mm
The thin film comprised of bacteria, saliva, foods particles is called? plaque
Noram sulcus depth is cats 0.5-1mm
What is topography/ the flow of the gingiva from one tooth to the next
Chlorhexadine has the ability to bind to the oral tissues and release its properties how? slowly
What is the material used to fill the socket after an extraction/ consil
When are extractions indicated? when the owner is unable or unwilling to perform necessary home care, when the DVM decides to, when to tooth cannot be salvaged
What does the AVDC consider appropriate for an LVT to perform? prophylaxis, radiographs, charting, non-surgical sub gingival root planing
What are dental elevators used for? to engage the teeth and elevate them out of the socket
What are the single rooted teeth in dogs? incisors, canines, 1st premolar and 3rd mandibular molar
What are the 2 rooted teeth? everything back past the 1st premolars on the mandible and 6's and 7's on the maxilla
What are the 3 rooted teeth? maxillary 8's 9's 10's
What is the less densely keratinized gingival tissue coving the bone/ alveolar mucosa
Int he kitten when do the incisors erupt 2-3 weeks
What does C.E.T stand for/ canine enzymatic tooth paste
What is dentrifice? toothpaster
Why is periodontal debridement done? to treat periodontitis and gingival inflammation
periodontal therapy is used to treat patients with what stage of periodontal disease? Stage 3 and 4
Define stomatitis inflammation of the mouth ( beyond gingivitis and periodontitis)
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