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Frosh Dairy quiz

Dairy cattle

Mature male Bull
Mature female Cow
Young male Bull calf
Young female Heifer
Young of either sex Calf
Latin name Bovine
Parturition Calving/freshening
Gestation length 9 months
Average birth weight 80 to 100 lbs
Weaning age 2 months
Age at first calving 2 years
Dehorning The process of removing the horns
When dehorning is performed Before weaning
The goal of dairy cattle To have one calf every 12 months
Top 5 dairy producing states California, Wisconsin, Idaho, New York, Pennsylvania
The number of dairy cows in the US 9 million
The number of dairy farms in Connecticut 160
Name some dairy products! Cheese, yogurt, ice cream, gelato, milk, cream cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, butter
This black and white breed breed comes from the Netherlands Holstein
This breed is the most popular breed, making up 90% of the nation's herd Holstein
This red and white breed comes from Scotland Ayrshire
This breed comes in various shades of brown or gray and has huge, dopey looking ears Brown Swiss
This breed comes from Switzerland Brown Swiss
This breed has fawn or orange and white markings Guernsey
This breed has golden milk because of beta carotene Guernsey
This breed comes from Britain's Guernsey Isles Guernsey
This breed ranges from light fawn to dark brown in color Jersey
This breed is the second most popular breed Jersey
This breed has the highest butterfat content Jersey
This breed comes from Britain's Isle of Jersey (not the Jersey Shore!!) Jersey
This breed comes in red, white, or roan Milking Shorthorn
This breed is a dual purpose breed that comes from England Milking Shorthorn
Two types of dairy housing Tie stall & free stall
Where cows are tied to individual stalls Tie stall barn
Cows are fed & milked in their individual stalls Tie stall barn
Cows are let out to exercise each day Tie stall barn
Housing where cows get more individual attention Tie stall barn
Usually a more labor intensive housing system Tie stall barn
Commonly used housing for herds that are 100 animals or fewer Tie stall barn
Housing where cows can roam freely Free stall barn
Cows are free to choose their own stall Free stall barn
Cows are milked in a milking parlor Free stall barn
Cows share a common feed bunk Free stall barn
Housing where cows get less individualized attention Free stall barn
Housing that is generally less labor intensive Free stall barn
Housing system that generally is used for herds that are 100 animals or larger Free stall barn
Lactation Period of time when the cow is producing milk (usually 305 days)
Dry period 60 day resting period where the cow is't milked before calving
Fresh cow Cow that has recently calved
Colostrom Mom's first milk containing lots of antibiotics
Calf hutches Individual calf housing where calves are separated to prevent disease
Haylage Chopped up hay that is fermented & stored in a silo
Corn silage Chopped up corn plant that is fermented & stored in a silo
Concentrates Grain fed to cattle
TMR Total Mixed Rations. A balanced ration to maximize profit
Roughages Plant material that is high in fiber, such as hay, haylage, and corn silage
Artificial Insemination (AI) Modern method of breeding cows using frozen semen instead of a live bull
Benefits of using AI Genetic improvement, safer, cleaner, more accurate record keeping
Purebred Registered cows that have proof of ancestry & are worth more when sold
Commercial One or both parents are unregistered
Pedigree Record of ancestry
Registration papers Proof animal is a purebred
Sire Father
Dam Mother
Cull Removal from the herd
Veal Young bull calves raised for a few months for slaughter
Pasteurization Heating up the milk to high temperatures to kill bacteria
Homogonization Forcing milk through tiny screens to make the fat more uniform
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