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VTT Dentistry week 4

Periodontal therapy and feline dentistry

What stages of periodontal disease is periodontal therapy necessary?? stage 2, stage 3, stage 4
What is the purpose of root planing? removal of calculus and cementum, as well as creation of a smooth glasslike root surface
What is removed during root scaling?? calculus and cementum
What technique is used during root planing using a curette overlapping horizontal, vertical, and oblique strokes (always is a coronal direction) it is this cross-hatching that gives the root surface an optimally smooth surface as well as maintaining root anatomy
What does cementum attach to on the tooth?? periodontal ligament
Where can the beaver tip be used? supragingivally
Where can a perio- probe/furcation tip be used?? subgingivally / in the furcation
How does hand scaling work?? scaling is the mechanical removal of plaque, stains, and calculus from the crown and root surfaces
What are the benefits of ultrasonic scaling? ultrasonic scaling removes the least amount of cementum, provides water lavage and better visualization of the tissue while flushing out debris from the pocket
What water flow/power setting should be used for a beaver tip?? high water, high power
What water flow/ power setting should be used with the perio-probe/furcation tip?? low water/low power
Is Heska perioceutic gel a local or systemic antibiotic?? local
What technique is used to apply HESKA gel? The gel is applied using a blunted needle, then packed into the pocket using the spatula tool
What is HESKA periocutical gel?? Doxycycline
How does HESKA periocutical gel work? reduces pocket depth by reducing the bacteria load within the pocket, Which encourages re-adhesion of the tissue
What is the brand name for the antibiotic gel? Doxirobe,
Define exodontics Specialty practice of dentistry that involves extracting the teeth
When are extractions necessary? When a tooth cannot be salvaged due to damage or a client is unwilling or unable to perform homecare, or for financial
Who can perform simple extractions?? LVT, DVM
Who is allowed to perform surgical extractions/// DVM, LVT in WA
What stage of its life is a tooth in at the point of extraction end of life
AVDC American Veterinary Dental College
Define AVDC Certifying organization authorized by the American Veterinary Association to board certify veterinary dentists. the also set to they establish principles, rules and regulations
What instruments are used in extractions? Elevators, root-tip pick, extraction forceps,
What type of suture is used for closing the gingiva after extractions? Absorbable, Monocryl, Vycril
What are the single root teeth of the canine maxilla? 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205,
mandible?? 301,302, 303, 304, 305,311, 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, 411
What are the 2 root teeth on the canine maxilla? 106, 107, 206, 207
Mandible? 306, 307, 308, 309, 310, 306, 407, 408, 409, 410
What are the 3 root teeth of the canine maxilla? 108, 109, 110, 208, 209, 210
Mandible? NONE
Dental formula for the puppy 2(3/3i,1/1c,3/3p)=28
Dental formula for the adult dog 2(3/3I,1/1C,4/4P,2/3M) =42
Dental formula for the kitten? 2(3/3i, 1/1c, 3/2p) =26
Dental formula for the adult cat 2(3/3I, 1/1C, 3/2P, 1/1M)= 30
What is the technique used to extract a single root tooth? periodontal ligament stretch, using slow, steady pressure work all the way around the entire tooth, be patient, do not use force
What is the technique used to extract multi root teeth? splitting multi root teeth is the easiest way to extract them, the split should be done from root to cusp at the furcation
What synthetic material is used to fill the socket after an extraction? Consil
What are the incision angles for a mucosal gum flab? mesiobuccal and distobuccal
What teeth should be cut in a T shape?? First and 2nd maxillary molars
What are 3 common oral cavity disease in the cat? Chronic Ulcerative Gingivostomatitis, Feline ondontoclastic resorptive lesions and Feline Oral Pain Syndrome,
How many stages of FORL are there?? 5
What is one of the difficult diagnostic challenges with CUGS? Determining whether it is an allergic reaction to an additive in commercial pet foods
When testing the blood, what 3 viruses are we looking for in the chemistry FIV, FELV, Calicivirus
Other than the diagnostics for FIV, FELV, & Calicivirus what other blood tests should be included?? Cbc, and blood biochemistry panel
What 3 trigger factor are probably related to CUGS Plaque bacteria, Pastueurella species, and Calicivirus
What is an important concept in the treatment of feline CUGS? A whole mouth extraction may be necessary and that 30% of cases will require continued medical treatment even after full m outh extraction.
What does COHAT stand for?? Complete Oral Health Assessment And Treatment
What are the 4 stages of CUGS management practices? 1.involves COHAT intra-oral radiographs (mandatory) TR/periodontitis teeth= extracted. retained root tips=extracted. possible extraction of all caudal teeth.
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