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Ch. 43

Physical Exams & Patient History

Atrophy shrinking of muscle when not used
Abdominal System includes stomach, intestines, and internal organs
alopecia areas of hair loss
dyspnea difficulty breathing
chief complaint main reason animal is being seen
triage assessing animal's situation to determine how urgently they need to be seen by vet
observation watching animal as they come in to check gait, body condition, and general appearance
auscultation listening to heart, lungs, and chest
rales sounds in the chest that resemble musical notes
signalment name, breed, age, gender
oral cavity gums, teeth, mouth,
murmur whooshing/swishing sounds during heartbeat
hydration status can be checked by pinching skin/pressing on gums
urogenital system urinary and reproductive organs
arrhythmia irregular heartbeat
crackles sounds in the chest that resemble cellophane
integumentary system skin, hair, feathers, etc.
how long it takes for rectal temp 60 seconds
abdominal palpation feeling for lumps, babies, and poop
capillary refill time (CRT) pressing on gums to check how long it takes for the color to return
otoscope tool for ears
ophthalmoscope tool for eyes
stethoscope tool to listen to pulse, breathing, internal body sounds
penlight light to test pupils
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