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Home and Careers Quarterly - Done

Testimonial Important or well known people that testify or speak about a product that they use and you should also.
Bandwagon Everyone who is anyone is buying this product. Don't be the only one without it. Don't be left out.
Advertising Copy Written or spoken words about a product
Target Audience Who is most likely to buy the product
Example Kids All Athletes
Appropriate Product Baseball
define "Water is wet" language trap A claim that can be made for a product and description.
Career Path Progression of achievement in a chosen career.
Entry Level Kindergarten/preschool. It is were you enter your career path.
Primary School Preschool, Kindergarten through 6th grade,
Secondary School 7th grade through 12th grade
Post-Secondary(After High School) School options are 12th grade: College, Army, Vocational(welding school) school, apprenticeship(be a carpenter)
Associate's Degree (2) Two Year college Degree
Bachelor's Degree (4) Four year college degree
Job Outlook(Just like Sports, who will you think will win) Expected job opportunities for the coming future
Needs Something you need to live. Food, Water, Sunlight
Wants Something you would like to have. iPhone, Xbox, roller blades, new hockey stick
Goods Products that are made and are for sale. Books, Toys, clothes, Basketball
Services Work performed by people. Grass cutting, snow plowing,
Consumer Someone who buys goods(products)
Budget A plan how to spend your money
Protein Chicken
Vegetable Lettuce, Carrots, Peas, Green Bean
Starch Potato
Dessert Cake, Cookies, Ice Cream
Extra Ketchup, Tomato Sauce, Soy Sauce, Duck Sauce
checks in your check book are numbered how? In order
What does stop Payment Mean? When you lost a check or what to stop someone form cashing the check in the bank
When would you stop payment on a check? When you lost your check or someone stole it.
How can you tell who owns a check It is on the check
Two tips for eating more grains? Make them whole grains and eat less sugar and avoid fried foods.
How many minutes of exercise should you get in one day? 60
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