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Medical Terminology

VT - Medical Abbreviations

aa equal parts
AC Agricultural Canada
AI Artificial Insemination
BHC benzene hexachloride
b.i.d. twice a day
BMR basal metabolic rate
C Celsius
ca., circa about or approximately
cal., c. small calorie
Cal., C. large calorie
CNS central nervous system
CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation
c-section cesarean section
cu cubic
dr. dram(s)
EEG electroencephalogram
e.g. for example
EKG, ECG electrocardiogram
equiv. equivalent
F Fahrenheit
fl. fluid
ft foot, feet
gl gallon(s)
i.e. that is
IM intramuscular
IU international unit
I.V. intravenous
lb pound(s)
Lg.An. large animal(s)
mA milliampere(s)
mAs milliampere-second(s)
ME metabolizable energy
MLD minimum lethal dose
LD50 amount lethal for 50% of test group
N.B. note well
NF National Formulary
NRC National Research Council
oz ounce(s)
p. page
pp pages
ppb parts per billion
ppm parts per million
pt pint(s)
q.i.d four times a day quantity sufficient to make
qt quarts
q.v. which see
R roentgen (X-ray)
rpm revolutions per minute
sec second(s)
Sm.An. small animal(s)
sp. species
sq square
STAT immediately
subcut. subcutaneously
tbsp. tablespoon(s)
TDN total digestible nutrients
t.i.d. three times a day
tsp. teaspoon(s)
u. unit(s)
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
USP United States Pharmacopeia
viz. namely
wk week(s)
wt weight
yr year(s)
in inches
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