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Medical Terminology

VT - Reproductive & Genetic

Abortion Premature expulsion of a fetus, either by nature or by intent
Albino Genetic trait causing lack of pigment in the skin or hair
Artificial Insemination Introduction of semen into the uterus by other than natural means
Bitch Female dog
Caesarean Section Removal of unborn young from the mother by surgical incision into the uterus
Castration Removal of the testicles; neutering a male animal
Chromosome Bodies found within the cell nucleus which store genetic information
Colostrum First milk secreted by the mother after giving birth, containing high protein and necessary antibodies for the newborn
Congenital Condition existing at birth, but not hereditary
Embryo Undeveloped fetus; the young in an early stage of development
Estrus Heat cycle, including the phases proestrus, estrus, diestrus, and anestrus
Fertilization Union of the sperm and the egg
Gene Part of the chromosomes carrying hereditary information
Genitalia Parts of the reproductive anatomy
Gestation period Time between conception and birth of an offspring
Gravid Descriptive of a uterus during pregnancy
Hereditary Information passed from generation to generation
Inguinal Hernia Protrusion of tissue through inguinal canals of males
Mammary glands Glands of female mammals that secrete milk after giving birth
Monestrous Having one heat period per year
Neuter Removal of the reproductive organs
Oviparous Animals whose eggs develop outside the mother's body
Ovoviviparous Animals whose eggs develop within the mother's oviduct
Placenta Organ within the gravid uterus and expelled after birthing
Polyestrous Having more than one heat period per year
Pregnancy Condition in which offspring develop in the female uterus
Prepuce Protective sheath covering the penis
Spay Removal of the ovaries and uterus; neutering a female animal
Umbilical cord Vessel connecting the fetus to the placenta
Vagina Female passage for copulation and birthing
Viviparous Giving birth to live young developed in the uterus
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