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Hx & Physical Exam


Auscultation Listening for sounds within the body.
Body Systems History Detailed questions about the body system(s) that are related to the presenting problem.
Body Systems Review A review of the body systems to note any additional problems the animal may have.
Cardiovascular System The body system that circulates the blood.
Caudal "Towards the tail"
Client Education Educating the client (usually over various visits) on things such as grooming, nutrition, etc.
Elizabethan Collar A circular plastic shield (looks like a lampshade), that encircles the neck and extends outward toward the tip of the muzzle. It prevents an animal from chewing at it's bandages or licking an area too much.
Environmental History The animals most recent living situation.
Heart-Girth Tape Tape measurer that wraps around the girth of the horse's chest (around it's heart) - this will give a weight.
Integumentary System The skin and attached structures (like the hair).
Intervertebral Disk Disease Deteriorated cushions between the vertebrae.
Master Problem List The first page of the Veterinary medical chart. It's like an index/table of contents for the rest of the record.
Neuro Hammer An examination instrument used by the Vet to check an animal's reflexes.
Ophthalmoscope An instrument used to visualize the interior chamber of the eye where signs of disease or trauma can sometimes be seen.
Otoscope An instrument used to inspect the ear of an animal. It's essential to determine types of infections or to discover foreign bodies in the ear canal.
Palpation Examining body parts by touch.
Percuss An examination procedure in which a veterinarian uses a finger to thump on an animal's body cavity to detect illness.
Presenting Problem The reason the animal is at the Vet.
Perfuse To pump. In the animal, it is the body's ability to pump blood.
Progress Notes The portion of a medical chart devoted to ongoing patient evaluation, arranged using the SOAP format.
Pulmonary Edema Fluid accumulation in the lungs.
Radiographs X-rays
Respiratory Systems The body system that takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide.
Seizure A short circuit in the brain that makes the animal lose control over its body.
Signalment The overall patient description
What does the SOAP format stand for? Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Procedure/Plan.
Thoracic Area The chest cavity of an animal.
Vertebrae The bones of the spine.
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