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Frosh Sheep quiz

Sheep breed ID & management

Mature male Ram
Mature female Ewe
Young male Ram lamb
Young female Ewe lamb
young of either sex Lamb
Parturition Lambing
Gestation length 5 months
Top 5 states for production Texas, South Dakota, California, Colorado, Wyoming
Two types of sheep operation Farm Flock & Range Flock
Type of operation that is located primarily out west & is used in commercial operations Range flock
Small operation that is often found in the northeast with flocks of 100 or fewer animals Farm flock
Latin name Ovine
Average birth weight 10 pounds
Average market weight 100 pounds
Market age 6 months
Weaning age 2 to 3 months
Age at first lambing 2 years
Castrated male Wether
English meat breed with white wool, black legs & face but NO wool on its face or legs Suffolk
English meat breed with white wool, blacks legs & face AND has wool on its face and legs Hampshire
Dual purpose breed from England that is all white and has long wool Romney
English meat breed that is all white & is known for being a non-seasonal breeder Dorset
Spanish breed that is known for its high quality wool Merino
Breed for having the purest bloodlines Merino
Meat breed from England that is white with grayish face & legs Southdown
Meat breed that is known for having the highest quality carcass Southdown
Where 2/3 of sheep in the US are raised Range flock
These purebred flocks offer seed stock to larger flocks Farm lock
Fleece Wool
Sheering Removing wool
Tagging Clipping wool from a ewe's rump & udder before lambimg (Tag! You're it!)
Purpose of tagging To keep the ewe's rump clean during lambing; allowing the lamb to nurse from the udder easier
Bolus Large pill
Bolus Gun Instrument that administers a bolus to sheep orally
Drenching Administering a liquid medication to sheep orally
Hoof clippers Tool to remove dead hoof wall & prevents hoof rot
Seasonal breeders Animals that come into heat in the fall when days are shorter
Claiming pen A place where a ewe is placed for lambing to bond with her lambs
Mothering ability How well a mom takes care of her offspring
Wax plug Forms in the end of each teat to prevent infection
Breech birth Lamb is born backward
Placenta Membrane that surrounds fetus during gestation
Ear tag Temporary ID
Tattoo Permanent ID
Tail Docking Removing the tail. Done at 1 to 2 weeks of age
Paint brand Temporary ID to identify ewes & lambs
Creep feeder Only lambs can get to the grain while still nursing. Helps with weaning.
% Lamb Crop Indicates ewe's ability to reporoduce
Created by: smarcus