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Byzantium Empire

Gabriel Lucas Per.4 S.S

pagan Someone who believes in more than one God
moat A trench filled with water
Justinian The first great Byzantine emperor
Theodora Theodora was Justinian wife
absolute power Unlimited authority
Patriarch Very important bishops of the five top cites
Pope Father, or head of the church
Creed A statement of beliefs
Icon A holy image
Orthodox Following tradtion
Catholic Concerned with all other people
Mosaic A design made with colored stones small pieces of glass
Manuscript Hand written documents
Missionary Someone who is sent from another country by a church to spread its faith
Convert Change their religion
Collapse Sudden failure in a way something works, so that it can't be countinued
Foundation Conditions that will make it possible for something to be successful
Authority Power or right of command
Superior A person who is a higher rank
Tradition A belief or way of doing something that has existed for a long time
Individual Belonging to one person rather than a group
Constantine A roman leader
Created by: Gabriell