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Sophomore Beef cattl

Beef cattle

Bovine Latin name
Cow Mature female
Bull Mature male
Heifer Young female
Bull calf Young male
Steer Castrated male
Calf Young of either sex
Calving Parturiton
Consumers eat about how much beef annually? 70 pounds
What are three of the top 5 beef producing states? Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas
Advantage of raising beef Use forages that other species might not use
Advantage of raising beef Low labor requirement
Advantage of raising beef Low capitol investment
Advantage of raising beef Can be raised in large or small operations
Gestation length 9 months
Birth weight 80 lbs
Weaning age 6 to 9 months
Market age 18 months
Market weight 1000 to 1200 lbs
Parturition Calving
What is the goal of raising beef? To have one calf per cow per year
Age at first calving 2 years
Disadvantage of raising beef High risk business
Disadvantage of raising beef Not as good at converting feed as other species
Disadvantage of raising beef Takes a long time to develop a herd & raise cattle numbers
Feeder cattle Any cattle raised for slaughter
Feed lot Where cattle spend last 3 months before slaughter being fed high amounts of grain to create finish
Finish Thin layer of external fat that indicates
Marbling Small specks of fat within the muscle that melts when cooked making the meat juicy and tender (AKA intramuscular fat)
Internal Fat Fat that is deposited around the internal organs (kidneys, pelvis, heart); aka KPH fat
External fat Finish
Seam Fat INTERmuscular fat; fat that is in between the muscles
Marbling INTRAmuscular fat; fat is inside the muscle
Calving ease how easily the cow gives birth
Mothering ability How well a mom cares for and provides milk for her baby
Conformation Structural correctness; how the skeleton is put together
Longevity How long they live
Carcass The body after slaughter
Carcass Merit Quality of the carcass
Fertility How well an animal breeds back
Dystocia Difficulty during birth
Feed efficiency How well an animal converts feed to muscle
Rate of gain How fast an animal gains weight
Horned Born with horns
Polled Born without horns
The two types of judging classes Market, Breediing
Castration Removal of testicles
When castration is performed 4 months of age
Methods of crastration Burdizo, elastrator
Dehorning Removal of the horns
When dehorning is performed 2 months of age
Methods of dehorning Electric dehorner, cut them off
Created by: smarcus