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Chapter 13

Why did lay investiture cause a struggle between kings and popes? Church reformers felt that kings have that much power.
How did Otto the great make the crown stronger than the German nobles? He formed a close alliance with the church and gained support form the bishops and Abbots.
What are 3 reasons of the fall of the Roman Empire? Poor leadership Barbarian invasions High unemployment
What are 3 effects or invasion of western Europe? Disruption of trade Loss of common language Population shifts
Why was Charles Martel's victory of the battle of Tours so important for Christianity? If they didn't win, the Muslims could've made Western Europe a Muslim kingdom
Name 2 inventions that changed western Europe warfare Leather saddle and stirrups.
Define manor The basic economic arangment
Define tithe A church tax
What were three social classes of the feudal system? King, vassals, peasants (serfs)
What was Charlemange's greatest achievement? He built an empire greater than any other since ancient rome.
Define middle ages A new society emerged in heritage, religion, and Germanic tribes
Define monasteries religious communities and monks that gave up possessions and served god.
Which invading peoples caused turmoil in Europe during the 800s? The Vikings caused turmoil in Europe.
How did Gregory I increase the political power of the pope? He expanded power by being involved in the secualar power of politics.
What exchange took place between lords and vassals under the federal system? Lords and vassals were never clear cut but they tried to use these relationships to their own advantage.
What duties did a lord of a manor and his serfs owe one another? The lord gave the serf land for himself and shelter. In exchange the serf had to work on the land and he couldn't leave without permission from the lord.
Describe the stages of becoming a knight. Knights were trained at a young age. When they were 14 they were squires. At age 21 they became full knights.
Describe the conflict between Pope Gregory VII and Henry IV and its outcome. Gregory banned the lay inverstiture. Henry became angry and sent him a letter. Later Henry won.
What was the significance of the pope's declaring Charlemagne emperor? It Joined German power, the Church, and the heritage of the Roman Empire.
What was common subjects of troubadour's songs during the Middle Ages? Troubadours sang about love and also love disappointments.
Who went to monasteries to live? Why? Monks because they wanted to be closer to god.
What period of time is covered by the Middle Ages? 500 AD to 1500 AD
Who was the leader of the Franks and was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in the year 800 AD? Clovis
What were three stages of knighthood? Page, Squire, Knight
What is feudalism? You do something for me and i do something for him.
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