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Unit 2

Unit 2 2.02 - 2.06 Quiz

What best describes a sense of self? Thoughts and feelings about yourself
Which best describes an internal critic? A voice that criticizes your thoughts and actions
T or F: Does involving yourself in meaningful activities increase your self confidence. T
T or F: Replacing a negative thought with a positive one will not change your attitude. F
Why is it important to learn refusal skills? To protect yourself from a risk
Which is a health benefit of receiving feedback? To gain insight about our health so we can improve it
T or F: The experience of stress in the past magnifies one's reactivity to stress in the future. T
What is the general adaption syndrome? A model used to explain reactions to stressful situations
What is epinephrine? A stress hormone
What is the first step in managing stress? recognizing one has too much stress
What is the purpose of an "I message"? It allows you to take responsibility for your feelings.
Which action is a critical part of listening? using verbal and nonverbal communication to show you are listening
What defines the term paralanguage? the vocal aspect of communication, such as pitch, inflection, tone, and pace
Created by: ttvierra