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Vet Tech Profession

The Profession of Veterinary Technology Quiz

List the potential places of employment for a veterinary technician? Work in companion animal practices, food animal, equine, mixed, specialty, industry and sales, education, government, and diagnostic/ reseach labs.
What is the role of the Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities in veterinary technical programs today? For accreditaion a program must meet 11 essential criteria for currucula, faculty, facility, and admissions requirements. Eac program must submit a report.
In addition to animal care, what other roles might a vet tech assume in a practice? May be involved in nonclinical tasks, such as office management, client education, and inventory control.
How does the vet tech help with animals scheduled for surgery? They position the animal on the operating table and complete final surgical scrub. They also get the animal started on anesethia, and watch the animal all through surgery.
What are the requirements for becoming a vet tech specialist? Be a graduate of an AVMA accrediated program, be credientialed, successfully complete the education training and experience requirements established by the respective academy of specialists, be reviewed and approved for specialist status by the academy.
What is the difference between a vet tech and a vet technologist? The vet technologist holds a bachelor of science degree, and went to a 4 year AVMA accrediated program, the tech holds a a associate of science degree and went to a 2 year accrediated program.
Compare and contrast licensing, registered, and certified? Licensed techs recieves a license to practice. Licenses are distributed to vet techs by the states Board of Veterinary Medicial Examiners.
The term certified is typically used when a non government body or professional standards were achieved and a certificate is awarded to acknowledge this accomplishment. The term regisitered implies that a list of individuals, eligible to practice within a profession, is maintained by a governmental organization.
Name four activities in practice that can only be performed by the veterinarian? Diagnose, prognose, prescribe, and perform surgery.
What is the purpose of the Model Practice Act for Vet Techs? The practice act is the umbrella law that governs the vet tech. Each state writes its own practice act. The practice act is changed and updated to stay current with the changes in veterinary medicine and veterinary technology.
Who is responsible for writing the rules and regulations? A bill must be approved by both the state House of Representatives and the State Senate. Ultimately it is signed into law by the govner. Written by the State Veterinary Board.
Explain when a vet tech is covered by malpractice insurance? The insurance is only protective when the vet tech is engaged in employment activities for the vet who brought the insurance policy. It also covers vet assistants and kennel workers while they are engaged in their work for the insured vet or practice.
Name 3 items on NAVTA'S list of ideals and recommended behaviors for vet techs? 1 Aid society and animals through providing excellent care and services for animals. 2 Prevent and relieve the suffering of animals. 3 Promote public health by assisting with the control of zoonotic diseases and informing the public about these diseases.
What are the requirements to be a member of NAVTA? One must live in the USA, be a graduate of an AVMA accrediated program, and/or be licensed, certified, or registered as a veterinary technician.
When and where was the first animal technician program established in the US? State University of New York Agricultural and Technical College at Delhi in 1961.
When was NAVTA formed? It was organized in 1981.
How many accredited programs (by the AVMA) were there in 2003? 103 programs were accrediated by the AVMA in 2003.
What does it mean to be credentialed? To be credentialed means that you have graduated from a AVMA accrediated program and have passed the national and state board exams and that you are keeping up on your continuing education.
Define extralabel use of a drug? When a drug is used for another purpose that is not labeled for on the perscription label.
What is an impaired veterinarian? An impaired vet can only practice on certain animals. They have lost the pervilage to work on all kinds of animals.
What is the purpose of a Board of Veterinary Medicine? The state veterinarian shall serve as secetary. The board shall administer examinations to applicants for license to practice veterinary medicine and shall investigate and discipline as necessary persons licensed to practice veterinary medicine.
What are the requirements to be a board memeber? The board of veterinary medicine shall consist of five members, three of whom shall be licensed vets and 2 shall not be licensed vets, and who shall represent the general public.
Name five reasons why the board would revoke a license? 1. Fraud, misrepresentation or deception in obtaining a certificate.
2. Conviction of a felony. 3. Chronic inebrity or habitual use of drugs.
4. Conviction on the charge of cruelty to animals. 5. Failure to satisfy the continuing education requirements.
When is an animal considered to be abandoned according to law? An animal is considered abandoned as of 2 circumstances:
1. If the animal is left in custody of the vet clinic for an unspecific amount of time, and is not removed within 15 days after the clinic has given a notice to the owner, or the owner refuses to pay the correct amount charges that were added up. 2. Having the animal in the clinic for a certain amount of days. When those days are over and the owner has not come to remove the animal, and the owner refuses to pay once again.
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