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Health Unit 2

LHS Health Unit 2

Appetite the emotional need for food
Basal Metabolic Rate how fast your body burns calories
Fad Diet a diet that might work, but it is costly and unsafe
Fasting not eating any food
Hunger the physical need for food
Obesity 20% more than what you should weigh by the height-weight chart
Additives anything added to food to improve color, texture, taste or shelf life
Emulsfler keeps fats from separating in food items
Enriched the product had the ingredient, lost it in processing and it is put back in (Bread is with iron)
Fortified the product never had the ingredient but it is added in (Milk is with Vitamin D)
Leading Agent makes baked goods rise (yeast)
Preservatives keeps food from spoiling
Product Date an estimation or how long the food is usable (pack date, sell date, expiration date, use by date)
Unit Price price by ounce or pound
Carb Loading eating lots of carbs before an athletic event and cutting back on exercise
Diabetes when the body does not use or produce insulin correctly and blood sugar is high or low
Hypoglycemia when body produces too much insulin and burns up sugar so blood sugar is low
Insulin hormone created by the pancreas that breaks down sugars in the blood
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