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Animal Management

Animal Management Practices Terms

Animal Identification attaching or altering an animal so that its identity can be known. Examples: tags, tattoos, DNA, brands, and notching
Castration removing the testicles of a male to prevent unwanted breeding and promote desired growth.
debeaking removing the tip of a baby chick's beak to deter unwanted pecking and cannibalism.
dehorning removing the horns or horn developing tissue of an animal
hormone implant a small pellet of hormone substance placed under the skin of an animal
producer quality assurance (PQA) a program that guides animal producers in selecting management practices to produce a quality animal in which its well being is considered
sheering removing the hair or wool of an animal
tail docking removing the tail of an animal
vaccination administering a vaccine
steer castrated male bovine
cow female bovine that has had a calf
calf baby bovine
heifer female bovine who hasn't had a calf
bull sexually mature male bovine
stag sexually mature male bovine that has been castrated after reaching sexual maturity
piglet baby pig
sow female pig that has had a litter of piglets
gilt female pig that has not had a litter of piglets
boar sexually mature male pig
barrow castrated male pig
lamb baby sheep
ewe female sheep
ram sexually mature male sheep
wether castrated male sheep or goat
kid baby goat
buck/billy sexually mature male goat
doe female goat
capon castrated male chicken
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