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Rasberry Agriculture

The science of growing crops and raising animals to meet the needs of humans is ___________________. agriculture
__________________ is all the nonfarm work in the agriculture industry. agribusiness
Supplies and ______________ agribusinesses support the production of agricultural products. service
Marketing and _______________ agribusinesses involve getting agricultural products to the consumers. processing
Rich soil and the ________________ made the US an ideal place for agriculture. climate
Before agriculture, what did people do for food? hunted gathered
_____________ is to grow or train a plant or animal for human use. domestication
What year was the first shipment of livestock? 1611
What year did indians in America begin farming? 7000 BC
Who did colonists from Europe learn agriculture from? native americans
New varieties of __________ have been created with the use of biotechnology. crops
Genetic engineering has improved crop ___________, or the amount of product a crop makes. yields
Who invented the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
What year was the cotton gin invented? 1790
When was cotton first being grown in the Americas (South America? 2500 BC
What year was the FFA founded? 1928
What year was the Morrill Act signed? 1862
What year was the Hatch Act signed? 1872
What year was the Smith Hughes act signed? 1917
What did the Hatch act setup? experiment stations
What did the Smith Hughes act establish? vocational classes
The land grant act of 1890 set up colleges for __________ of the south. black people
Smith Lever act established _________ _________ service in each state. cooperative extension
_______ ________ and the climate makes the US an ideal place for agriculture. rich soil
John Deere invented a ____________. plow
What decade did John Deere invent his steel plow? 1830's
What is the Land Grant college in Louisiana? LSU
What was the Land Grant college setup in Louisiana for blacks after the Land Grant act of 1890? Southern University
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