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#ADV.D08 Ch.17 Drugs

# ADV.D08 Ch.17 Drugs, Forensics

Best specimen for alcohol testing is blood
"chain of custody" is a process that documents the donor, specimen and all collectors/handlers of the specimen.
"Chain of custody" is used with all legal/criminal cases
"Chain of Custody" ID can be: Drivers license, California ID, ID by employer and ID
Temperature of a urine specimen must be taken within 4 minutes after collection
bluing can be added to toilet water before the donor provides the urine sample because If the specimen has any blue color it means they tried to dilute the sample with the toilet water.
meconium the first intestinal discharge of the infant. This is used to determine if the mother had drug contact just before birth.
Splitting a urine specimen into ____ parts is used to prevent adulteration of the specimen two
Abuse Improper use of illicit drugs
Addiction Compulsive use of substance despite negative effects on the user
Adulteration To make impure by adding extraneous, improper, or inferior ingredients.
binge drinking Consuming five or more alcoholic drinks in a row at least once in a two-week period
blood alcohol content (BAC) Concentration of alcohol, expressed as milligram percent
Breathalyzer A sampling device use to detect aldehyde byproducts in the breath. Typically use to assess alcohol levels in the body.
Custody and control form (CCF) A form used in the chain of custody process that requires Pacific documentation related donor identification procedures
Driving under the influence(DUI) Driving while intoxicated (DWI), drunk driving. Alcohol levels in the body cause impairment of mental and motor skills.
Forensic specimens Specimens that are involved in civil or criminal legal case, including specimens for analysis of drugs of abuse.
Forensic toxicology The study of poisons, drugs, or toxins of views in the case.
Gateway drugs Drugs such as tobacco and alcohol, the use of which can lead to the use of "harder" drugs.
Illicit drugs Illegal drugs, including opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, etc.
Metabolites A chemical reserves when the body breaks down larger chemicals. In forensics it is the byproduct left over when the body processes and illicit drug.
Over-the-counter (OTC) Medications available without prescription
Postmortem An autopsy determine the cause of death
Qualitative tests A test that measures the presence or absence of the substance. Qualitative tests report only positive or negative as a result.
Quantitative tests A test that measures exact amounts of substance and reports that now with an exact number or
Toxicology The study of poisons, toxins, and runs. Study of how to detect chemicals, their actions in the body, and treatment of the conditions that they produce.
Window of detection The period of time after using the drug that it is still detectable
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