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170 Final

Stainless steel wires are an example of a ___________ suture material. Non-absorbable
Common signs of a suture reaction are? Weeping fluid, swelling, redness
A common cause of suture reactions is? To much activity
A monofilament is a __________ strand. Single
What knots better? A braided filament or a monofilament? Braided filament
An instrument used to separate the edges of an incision is a ______. Retractor
Which animal has more premolars and molars? Dog
The steps taken to prevent contamination of a surgical site are considered an ________. Aseptic technique
Which needle holder includes blades to cut suture material? Olsen hegar
Which retractor has sharp points? Gelpi
Surgical gowns can be made of _______. Paper or cloth
When opening a pack the non-scrubbed assistant can only touch the ______. Outer wrap
What supplies do you need when placing an endotracheal tube? Laryngoscope, gauze squares, sterile lubricant, gauze tie, sterile eye lubricant/ointment, notebook, pen, the size endotracheal tube you think(1/2 size smaller and 1/2 larger)
A patient should be intubated with the _________ endotracheal tube possible. Largest
What is the most commonly used endotracheal tubes? Polyvinyl tubes
What is a nosocomial infection? Hospital acquired infection
What is the best solution to use to dissolve blood from surgical laundry and remove blood from patients? Hydrogen Peroxide
How long should a patient be fasted before surgery? 8-12 hours
Surgical packs should contain Instruments, gauze, drape, towels, indicator strip
All anesthesia machines must have a ________. Scavenging system
The two different breathing systems used on an anesthesia machine are....? Rebreathing and non-rebreathing
Signs of pain in an animal include _______ Restlessness, vocalizing, chewing at area, changes in behavior
An important part of a dental prophylaxis is establishing a ___________ routine with the owner. Home care
Are tennis balls a good toy for dogs to chew on? No
What is the proper name for bandage scissors? Lister Bandage scissors
How far down do the grooves go on Kelly Hemostatic forceps? Half way
How far down do the grooves go on Crile Hemostatic forceps? All the way
Cyanosis indicates what? Lack of oxygenation
Does autoclaving destroy the strength of the sutures? Yes
What type of cleaner is used to soak and wash surgical instruments? Low suds surgical detergent
Clippers should be cleaned only when dirty. (True or False) False
Is anal gland expression a sterile procedure or a "dirty" procedure? Dirty
Which three things should be provided immediately following surgery? Heat source, ample bedding, and analgesics
Sponges should always be counted during which surgeries? Abdominal
When transporting a patient with a spinal problem they should be? Taped to a rigid surface/a board
When opening suture for a DVM, the assistant should open the outer pack and then hand the sutures to the DVM? False
Is the crown of the tooth above or below the gum line? Above
Fluoride serves to _____ Strengthen and harden enamel
This agent is recommended for sterilization of instruments with lenses. Glutaraldehyde
Is persistent lameness following a declaw (onychectomy) normal? No
How many teeth does an adult dog have? 42
How many teeth does an adult cat have? 30
What is another name for baby teeth? Deciduous
Why are teeth polished after dental calculus and tartar are removed? Remove scratches
Gingivitis is inflammation of the _______ Gums
An explorer is used to? Used to detect holes and teeth mobility
A scaler is used for? Used for scraping gingival calculus above the gum line
A periodontal probe measures the _______ Depth of gingival sulcus
Which instrument is used to remove calculus from below the gum line? Curette
What is the hardest substance in the body? Enamel
Another name for dental cleaning. Dental prophylaxis
Baby teeth erupt in puppies and kittens around what age? 2-3 weeks
At what age do permanent teeth erupt? 4-5 months
List the canine dental formula. 2 (I 3/3, C 1/1, P 4/4, M 2/3)
List the feline dental formula. 2 (I 3/3, C 1/1, P 3/2, M 1/1)
The lingual surface of the tooth faces the ________ tongue
The buccal surface of the tooth faces the _______ faces the cheek
What type of animal would a non-cuffed endotracheal tube be used on? neonates
What is a danger of an over-inflated endotracheal tube? damage to the trachea
What is a danger of an under-inflated endotracheal tube? water/saliva can cause aspiration
How often during surgery should the patient be monitored? Every 5 minutes
To reduce anesthesia depth in a patient you should turn the vaporizer up or down?` down
What tube is placed down the esophagus and into the stomach to deliver nutrients to a patient? orogastric tube
A feeding tube is placed into the stomach via a surgical procedure called? gastrostomy
A large diameter tube is used during a______________ to remove stomach contents. gastric lavage
When admitting a patient for surgery a signed ___________ must be obtained from the owner. consent form
A _______ needle is used for suturing to avoid cutting tissues. taper
Which suture material is larger a 2 or a 4-0? 2
The suffix -ectomy means? surgical removal
The suffix -ostomy means? surgically creating an opening
A pulmonary contusion is a? bruise of the lung
A self-retaining retractor has a ________. ratchet and box lock
Which instrument is used in general, orthopedic and dental procedures? Curettes
Is Pyometra a life threatening condition? Yes
What are Metzenbaum scissors used for? delicate tissue
When using a suction machine, the VA can only touch what parts of the machine? The machine and the end of the hose connected to machine`
Vicryl, PDS, Polysorb and cat gut are examples of what kind of suture? Absorbable
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