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Final Sequence

What must all anethesia machines have? A gas scavenging system
What do neuroleptic analgesics do? Relieve pain and help the patient to relax.
What are common reactions to pain? Increased heart rate and blood pressure.
Controlled substances have the potential for? Human abuse
Every use and purchase of controlled substances must be....? Logged
What must ALL prescripitions list? Name, address & phone number of the facility where the Rx is filled.
Injecting drugs too rapidly can cause....? Death
Where do enteric coated tablets dissolve? Intestine
What is the most common syringe & needle size used in veterinary medicine? 3cc & 22 gauge
Is ketamine a reversible agent? No
What is known as the "excitement stage" during anesthesia induction? Stage 2
What happens during Stage 1 of anesthesia induction? The animal begins to reduce it's reflexes and muscle control
What do emetics do? Induce vomiting
What is an agonist? A substance that initiates a physiological response when combined with a receptor.
What is an antagonist? A substance that interferes with or inhibits the physiological action.
What is the proprietary name of a drug? Chosen by the manufacturing company, also known as the trade name.
What does a bacteriostatic drug do? Inhibits the growth of bacteria.
What does a virucidal drug do? Kills virus
Name two classes of anti-inflammatory drugs. Non-steroidal & steroidal
How many mL's are in an ounce? 30
How many drug categories are marginally abusive? 3
What is the normal tidal volume of most species? 10-20 mL/kg
What does the acronym SLUDGE stand for? Salivation, lacrimation, urination, defecation, GI upset, emesis
A solution is? A drug dissolved in a liquid, does not settle if left standing.
What is a suspension? A drug where the particles are suspended but not dissolved.
What is an emulsion? A drug combined with a mixture of liquids that are usually non-mixable.
What is an elixir? A solution of a drug, dissolved in sweetened alcohol.
Improperly given IM or IV injections can cause...? Necrosis
According to the FDA, veterinary drug labels must show what? Approved uses, routes, doses, indications for use
What is a dispensing container? Container we give to clients.
How is insulin used in the body? Moves glucose from blood to tissues
Which anesthetic gas has a fast induction & recovery time? Isoflurane
Which anesthetic gas has become more popular, due to its smooth induction & recovery times? Sevoflurane
Which animal is not normally intubated? Rabbit
Almost all narcotic type, pre-anesthetic & analgesic drugs are considered what type of substance? Controlled
What is choleciferol? Vitamin D3
Xylazine is effective as an emetic in what species? Cats
Ketamine is considered what type of drug? Dis-associative
What drug use to be used for a general anesthetic, but now is used for euthanasia? Sodium Pentobarbitol
Acetaminophen (Tylenol) will cause fatal blood & liver disorders in what species? Dogs
Aspirin should never be used on what species? Cats
Which two organs break down & excrete drugs? Liver & kidneys
Which class of controlled substances, needs a new Rx before it can be refilled? Class II
What drug is the only antidote for organophosphate toxicity? Atropine
How often should a patient be monitored during anesthetic induction? Every minute
How often should a patient be monitored during anesthetic maintenance? Every 5 minutes
What type of animal would a non-cuffed ET tube be used on? Neonates
Why is fasting important before giving anesthesia? Prevents patient from vomiting and choking.
What is the most important consideration in a pre-surgical exam? Pre-existing health conditions.
What is the daily fluid maintenance rate? x50 mL/kg/day
NSAID refers to what type of drug? Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug
What is the scientific name of aspirin? Salicylic acid
What are the 5 patient rights? Right patient. Right drug. Right strength. Right quantity. Right time or frequency.
Name 5 forms of oral medications. Tablets, capsules, syrup, solution, elixir
What type of oral medication needs to be shaken first? Suspension
What are two common side effects of NSAIDs? GI bleeding and ulcers
Why do sight hounds need to be carefully monitored under anesthesia? They require much less anesthesia, because they have less fat.
What are 3 side effects of narcotic use in dogs? Panting, bradycardia, respiratory depression
Can you give ibuprofen to dogs? No
Which valve would you use to decrease the anesthetic concentration in the breathing circuit? Oxygen flush valve
What animals have a longer recovery time from anesthesia? Obese animals
What is hypoxemia? Lack of oxygen in arterial blood
What is the goal of an anesthetic-analgesic plan? Predict & prepare for complications.
What is a general anesthetic? A drug that brings about a state of unconsciousness.
What are pill bottles measured in? Drams
What is one way to reduce pain? Reduce inflammation.
What injection route has the fastest absorption rate? IM
When should gloves be worn when dealing with prescriptions? When filling ALL prescriptions.
What do neuroleptic agents combine to do? Relax patient & get rid of pain
What would be recorded on an anesthesia log? All drugs given, vital signs, start & end time
What part of the anesthetic machine measures & delivers a constant gas flow to the patient? Flow meter
What must ALL anesthetic machines have when dealing with all types of gas? Gas scavenging system
What does maintaining the perfusion of body tissues during anesthesia refer to? Ensuring the flow of oxygenated blood through the tissues.
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