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Personal Wellness1-2

unmodifiable risk factors for heart disease Age, gender, and race/heredity
modifiable risk factors cholesterol, blood pressure, smoking, obesity, diabetes, stress, physical inactivity
Type 2 diabetes older, overweight, sedentary adults
diabetes body cannot properly use glucose (sugar) as fuel
Diastolic relaxation of heart
systolic contractions of the heart
most important risk factor for stroke hyper tension
ldl bad CHOL. # less than 100
hl good CHOL. # over 40
total CHOL shouldn't exceed 200
What are the 7 components of wellness spiritual, social, physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational, & environmental
Self-efficacy a person’s belief in his/her ability to accomplish a specific task or behavior
Health- behavior gap Acting on accepted principles of wellness and assuming responsibility for eliminating the discrepancy between knowledge and behavior
biggest advancement in health history clean water
The transtheoretical model pre contemplation stage, contemplation stage, preparation stage, action stage, maintenance stage, termination stage.
Health Disparities a term that refers to differences in the incidence, prevalence, mortality, and burden of diseases and other adverse health conditions that exist among specific population groups in the U.S.
Amount of blood a heart can pump in a beat in called Stroke volume
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