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Animal Science

Castration removing testicles of males to prevent from breeding.
Colostrum the first milk produced after a mammal gives birth that contains antibodies needed for immunity.
Estrus Cycle the length of a females cycle from one estrus to the next.
Gestation time an animal is pregnant
Puberty age at which animals reach sexual maturity & begin to come into heat.
Lactation period of time that milk is secreted by the mammary glands.
Parturition the act of giving birth.
Ovulation the release of an egg from the ovary.
Fertilization the union of sperm in the egg cells.
Infundibulum funneled shaped organ that catches the egg
Ovaries organ that holds the eggs
Oviducts catches the sperm & sends it through the uterus
Uterus supports embryo & fetus during gestation.
Vagina receives penis & sperm
Vulva opening for the urinary & genital tracts
Testicles produce sperm
Vent outside opening to the poultry reproductive tract
Cloaca located between the vent & the base of oviducts
Heritability the likelihood of a trait being passed from parent to offspring.
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