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Trade Name VS Drug Name

Metacam Meloxicam
Rimadyl Carprofen
Deramax Deracoxib
Previcox Firocoxib
DepoMedrol Methylprednisolone
Vanectyl P Trimeprazine and Prednisolone
Benadryl Diphenhydramine
Clavamox Amoxicillin and Clavulanic Acid
Novolexin, Cephalex Cephalexin
Convenia Cephalexin, injectable
Baytril Enrofloxacin
Cipro Ciprofloxacin
Zeniquin Marbofloxacin
DoxyTab Doxycycline
Antirobe Clindamycin
Flagyl Metronidazole
Lasix Furosemide
Fortekor Benazepril
Enacard Enalapril
Vetmedin Pimobendan
Xylocaine Lidocaine
Inderal Propanolol
Reglan Metoclopramide
MiraLax Polyethylene Glycol
Zantac Ranitidine
Pepcid Famotidine
Valium Diazepam
Propalin Phenylpropanolamine
Urecholine Bethanecol
Soloxine/Thyrotabs/Synthroid Levothyroxine
Tapazole/Felimazole Methimazole
Caninsulin Insulin
Glargine Insulin
ProZinc Insulin
Vetoryl Trilostane
Anipryl Deprenyl
Lysodren Mitotane
Anipryl Deprenyl
Denosyl/Zentonil/Novifit SAM-e
Clomicalm Clomipramine
Elavil Amitriptyline
Acevet Acepromazine
DexDomitor Dexmedetomidine
Antisedan Antipamezole
Dilaudid Hydromorphone
Torbugesic Butorphanol
Vetergesic Buprenorphine