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Pharmacology the study of drugs
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring the proper timing of blood samples drawn to determine the serum concentration of a drug
Half Life the time required for the serum concentration of the drug to decrease by 50%
Peak Serum Concentration the point of max concentration of a drug
Therapeutic Window the range of a drug serum concentration associated with a high degree of effectiveness and low risk of undesirable effects
Toxic Dose dose greater than the upper limit of therapeutic range that causes toxic symptoms
LD50 the dose that kills 50% of the animals tested
LD legal dose
ED50 the minimum dose required to cause the desired effect in 50% of animals tested
Absorbtion how the drug enters the body
Distribution how the drug reaches the target areas
Metabolism how the drug is chemically altered
Biotransformation the ability of a living organism to modify the chemical structure of drugs so that they are no longer active
Excretion how the drug is removed from the body
Tablets powder compressed into pills
Capsules powders encased in gelatin
Chewables Flavored tablets
Solutions drugs dissolved in a liquid vehicle that does not settle out of its standing
Suspensions contains drug particles, not disolved in a liquid vehicle that usually settle to the bottom`
Syrups solutions of drugs with water and sugar
Elixers solutions of drugs dissolved and sweetened
Tinctures alcohol solutions meant for topical application
Liniments drugs in an oil base that are rubbed into the skin
Lotions drug suspensions or solutions that are dabbed, brushed or dipped onto the skin without rubbing
Ointments and Creams designed to liquify at room temperature
Injectables drugs administered with syring and needle
How much medication would 3mL syringe hold? 3mL
How much medication would a 60mL syringe hold? 60mL
Tuberculin Syringe 1mL syringe
Insulin Syringe only used for Insulin
Needles are labeled according to size and length of the shaft
Gauge the inside diameter of the shaft
An 18 guage needle is __________ than a 25 guauge bigger
The ___________ the guage number the smaller the needle larger
What are needles longer than 1 inch used for? cystocentesis
SQ subcutanious
ID intradermal
IM intramuscular
IV intravcenous
Anesthetics cause unconsiousness and insensitivity to feeling
Analgesics take away perception of pain`
Tranquillizers create state of relaxation and reduce anxiety
Sedatives create a state of calm or sleepiness
Anticonvulsants prevent or reduce seizure activity
Antiinflammatories reduce inflammation
Diuretics Increase urination
Paraciticide kill parasites
Antibiotics decrease or kill bacterial infections
Antifungals decrease or kill fungal infections
Antineoplastics decrease or kill neoplastic cells
Antipruritics inhibit chemicals that cause itchiness
Anticoagulants inhibits blood clotting formation
Psychotherapeutics treat psychological disorders
Neutraceuticals supplements that are not herbs and are not approved for use as drugs but are thought to convey therapeutic benifit
Prescription an order from a licensed vet directing a pharmacist to prepare drug for use in a clients animal
OTC over the counter
What are the 10 things required on a Px label? practice info, prescribing vet, date, name of med, directions, expiration date, patient name, drug concentration, quantity of meds, DIN
What 3 things should you keep in mind when storing drugs? temperature, light sensitivity, organization
Controlled Substance substance with potential for physical, psychological addiction or abuse
How long do you have to fill a Px for a controlled substance? 72 hours
Compounding preparation of a drug product by mixing legally obtainable ingredients not listed as unapproved drugs for animals
What does the expiration date guarantee? that no toxic by-products accumulate before completion of the drug regimen
Antimicrobials drugs that kill or inhibit growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa
NSAID non-steroidal antiinflammatory medications
what are the NSAIDS not for use in animals? aspirin, advil (ibuprofen), aleve (naproxen) and tylenol (acetaminophen)
Heart medications do 1 of what 4 things? vasodilation, diuretic, positive inotropic agent, antiarrhythmic
Vasodilation reduces BP
Emetics drugs that induce vomiting
Antiemetics drugs that prevent or decrease vomiting
Laxatives pull water into the bowel lumen or retain water into the feces
Lubricants make stool more slippery for easy passage
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