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Castration removing the testicles of male animals to prevent breeding
Gestation the time a female animal is pregnant
Ovulation the release of the egg from the ovary
Fertilization the union of the sperm and the egg cells
Vagina admits penis
Infundibulum funnel shaped structure located below the ovary
Seed stock Something also known as pure bred breeders
Feedlot raises large numbers of animals in a more confined area
Veal what male calves are typically used for
Pasteurization rapid heating and cooling of milk to remove harmful bacteria
Homogenization dispersing fat droplets so the milk stays uniformly mixed
Nursery manages piglets after they are weaned until approximately 10 weeks
Grow-finish manages barrows and gilts until they are ready for market
Farrow-to-finish manages a group of breeding sows and maintains piglets to market weights
Egg Production producing eggs for human consumption
Broiler Production poultry produced for meat consumption
Linebreeding mating animals more distantly related than closebreeding
Closecreeding mating animals that are very closely related
Grading up mating purebred males to unregistered or crossbred females to improve herd
Terminal sire replacement females are bred to a sire and all offspring are sold
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