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110 Final

If an owner feels their pet should be seen as an emergency, how do you schedule them? As an emergency
Loss of stock is referred to as? Shrinkage
Who owns the medical record? The clinic or veterinarian
The color red on a safety label indicates what? Flammable
The color blue on a safety label indicates what? Health Hazard
What is a template? A file or text that has been customized to create a new document that is similar to but slightly different from the original.
How often should the table in the exam room be cleaned? After every patient.
Laboratory log books are used for? Provide information about where a test was sent. They are dated and contain the type of test sent out to a lab or if the test was done in house.
Name three marketing techniques a clinic may use? Coupons, flyers, yellow pages
Advertising in the yellow pages is a form of what type of marketing? Direct
Why are radiograph logbooks used? To improve technique, to prevent scatter radiation, prevents repeats
Are signed client authorization forms required by law? No
If you request to use recommend personal protection equipment, can your employer charge you to buy the equipment? No
What is the role of the hospital directory? Oversees all staff including veterinarian.
How should difficult clients be handled? Away from the public
Is asking an angry client what they want the outcome to be a good solution or will it make them more difficult? Good solution
The role of the veterinary assistant is regulated by what agency? State law
Demographic data is used to? Analyze who your clients are, what their needs are
When should a pet be brought to their owner after surgery or a treatment? After discharge instructions are given, the bill has been paid and the animal has been cleaned up.
The posting of radiation exposure and hazardous chemicals within a clinic is regulated by what agency? OSHA
Does universal precautions state that gloves must always be changed between samples when performing laboratory procedures? No
How many refrigerators should a practice have and what are they used for? At least for employees use and one for biological use (samples, fluids, meds)
Active listening is conveyed by? Receive a message, process the message, then respond
What is the office managers role in the clinic? To oversee the front office and receptionists
The source oriented medical record is also called? Conventional format
How long must legal documents be kept? 7 years
What can the veterinary staff do to help with client retention? Project concern and concern personality
Health certificates should be issued within how many days of travel? 7 days
Name 3 certificates that must be signed by the DVM? Vaccines, health, spay and neuters
What does VCPR stand for? Veterinarian-client-patient-relationship
Sharps container must have what info? Name and address of clinic
Patients that have undergone inhalation and induction anesthesia rendering them unconscious must always be recorded in the? Anesthesia log
What is the legal reason for proper maintenance of medical records? Established that the relationship exists.
Reportable diseases are? Dangerous to public at large
Define Ethics? Moral principles that define behavior
POMAR refers to? Problem oriented medical record
Bleach and ammonia produce what toxic gas? Chlorine gas
Always ask for help lifting if the object/animal weighs more than? 50 pounds
The Veterinary State Board exists to? Protect consumer
Is a veterinarian legally responsible to report animal abuse? No
Negligence is defined as? Failure to do what is necessary or proper
When working with animals you should? Stay alert and focused on the animals reactions
Which form of communication is most persuasive? Non-verbal
What drugs must be recorded in anesthesia logs? All
What is the number one reason clients chose a veterinary clinic? Location
The phone should be answered within how many rings? 3 rings
What is direct supervision? On the premises
What is indirect supervision? Not on premises but has left written or verbal instructions
What is immediate supervision? Is in visual and audible distance
What is important in setting up an isolation room? It's own ventilation system, one door (limited access), minimal employee access
Name the areas/rooms within a veterinary clinic? Reception area, exam rooms, surgery suite, laboratory, x-ray room, kennels
Name six different staff members you may find within a veterinary clinic? Receptionist, Vet assistant, Vet technician, Kennel assistant, Groomer, Veterinarian
Define Veterinary Assistant? Assists the DVM and Veterinary Technician
Define Veterinary Technician? A graduate of a 2 year veterinary technology program who has passed the VTNE and paid all fees
Define AAHA and what it does? American Animal Hospital Association...non government ran , sets the standards for the hospital
Define AVMA and what it does? American Veterinary Medical Association...Sets standards for the Veterinary medical industry
Listening well on the phone requires? Concentration, maybe even closing your eyes
What does Tx mean? Treatment
What does Dx mean? Diagnosis
What does Rx mean? Prescription
What does CC mean? Chief complaint (or cubic centimeters)
What does Sx mean? Surgery
What does TDx mean? Tentative diagnosis
What does DDx mean? Differential diagnosis
What is included in the CC? The reason the client brought their pet into clinic
What does SOAP stand for? Subjective, objective, assessment, plan
Which pages need to have the patient's identifying information? Every page
What is the legally accepted way to correct a mistake in a handwritten medical record? Draw a single line through mistake, initial and put the correct entry
List the elements of signalment? Breed, sex, age, reproductive status, species
What does CPU mean? Is it hardware or software? Central processing unit/hardware
Inventory software can keep track of? Automatically notifies when inventory reaches low numbers, item cost, item retail value/mark up, amount of item on hand and supplier information
What kind of communication with the client should be recorded in the medical record? Telephone calls, emails, anything else that is related to the patients care.
When placed on secondary containers, what do the MSDS labels describe? Possible health hazards, incompatibility properties, information on transporting chemicals
If you smell anesthetic gas, where would you check for leaks? Hoses, tubing, old seals, endotracheal tube, reservoir bag
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