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VTA 165

Pharmacology - GI, cardiovascular, respiratory drugs

what is pharmacology the study of drugs and their effects on the body
what are the eight different types of GI drugs emetics, antiemetics, antiulcer, antidiarrheals, laxatives, adsorbents & protectants, antacids, appetite stimulant
what is emesis vomitting
how/where is emesis controlled by the brainstem
when would we want to induce vomiting when animals have ingested a toxic substance
what is the autonomic nervous system the part of the nervous system that functions without conscious thought. ie; GI motility, HR, pupil size
what are the two divisions of the autonomic nervous system parasympathetic, sympathetic
what neurotransmitter does the parasympathetic system work with acetylcholine
what is the neurotransmitter the sympathetic system work with norepinephrine
which nervous system is the rest and restore parasympathetic
which part of the nervous system is called fight or flight sympathetic
emetics allows us to vomit
antiemetics against / stop vomiting
antiulcer against ulcer
antidiarrheal against diarrhea
emesis is controlled by in the medulla of the brainstem
when would we want to induce vomiting when animals have ingested a toxic substance
which drug can be put in the conjunctiva in tablet form to induce vomiting apomorphine / Apokyn
which emetic is helpful in cats Xylazine / Rompun , Anased
when does diarrhea occur when the balance fluid secretion and the absorption into and out of the intestinal lumen has been upset causing an increase in fluid in the frces
what are antiemetic drugs drugs to stop vomiting
what do inotropic drugs do they affect the force of a muscle contraction
what is an arrhythmia abnormal heart rate pattern
what is congestive heart failure heart is not able to eject enough blood to maintain normal tissue profusion
what are the bodies natural inotropic catecholamine's
can Conjestive Heart Failure be cured can be treated
what do we treat CHF with vasodilators and diuretics
what do diuretics do increase urine formation and promote water loss
what is the most common diuretic used in vettrinary medicine Furosemide / Lasix*
what does taking aspirin do helps to thin the blood & prevent clotting
what do bronchodilators do dilate constricted bronchioles, helps us breath better
what do expectorants do liquefy and dilute secretions to help expel them / productive cough
steroid = anti-inflammatory
what do mucolytics do decrease viscosity of mucus breaking it down
what do antitussives do suppress cough in the cough center of brain
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