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Year 8 Ag semester 1

Are chickens from Australia originally? No.
Who did chickens arrive in Australia with? The first fleet.
What have chickens have supposedly descended from? Asian Red Jungle Fowl.
Why do chickens peck? For self defense, protection, show dominance.
Why do chickens scratch? To obtain food, dust bathing and to remove lice.
Why do chickens roost or perch? For sleeping or protection.
How many years have aboriginals lived in Australia? 40,000 years.
Who was conscious about of preserving the land and its resources, Aboriginals or Europeans? Aboriginals.
List 5 things the early Europeans may have expected to see when they looked for ownership of Australia. Fences, towns, civilizations, buildings, livestock, clearings, roads or trails etc.
What were 3 of the techniques Aboriginals used for their early 'farming'? Nomadic, fire stick farming, hunting and gathering, having sanctuaries where animals couldn't be hunted.
Did aboriginals care about soil nutrition? Explain. Yes, they used fire-stick farming to clear unwanted bush lands, to allow regrowth of better plants and as a means of fertilising.
What are 4 reasons why early Europeans declared farming in Australia as a failure? Climate, genetics, disease and management.
Give 5 tractor safety tips. Wear full prac uniform, wear seat-belt, ensure PPE is worn, mount and dismount using 3 pooints of contact, always perform a pre-start check, don't wear loose clothes, tie hair back, drive safely etc.
Created by: emmadixon



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