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Sequence 3 Vocab

OSHA- Occupational Safety and Health Act A federal law designed to provide a safe workplace for all persons working in any business engaged in commerce.
Controlled substance A drug that has been deemed by the drug enforcement agency (DEA) as potentially abusive; a substance with potential for physical addiction and/or abuse; also referred to as a schedule drug
Therapeutic range The ideal range of a drug concentration in the body.
Pharmacokinetics Refers to how a drug moves into, through, and out of the body.
Aseptic technique All precautions taken to prevent contamination and ultimately infection.
Nosocomial infection A hospital acquired infection.
Sterilization The destruction of all organisms, including bacteria and spores.
Disinfection The destruction of pathogenic microorganisms or their toxins.
Ethylene Oxide A carcinogenic. it is used to sterilize substances that would be damaged by high-temperature techniques. The gas kills bacteria, mold and fungi.
Hospital Director Oversees all staff of the hospital (including DVM's). Sets hospital policy.
Veterinary Technician A person who has graduated from a 2 year accredited AVMA.
Office Manager Makes decisions about front office, protocol, responsible for receptionist. Acts like a lead receptionist.
DEA- Drug Enforcement Agency The primary federal law enforcement agency responsible for combating the abuse of controlled drugs.
Negligence Finding that a practitioner's actions were below the level of competence expected of the profession.
Malpractice A type of negligence, in which a physician fails to follow generally accepted professional standards, causing injury to the patient.
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