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150 Finals

Changing a pet's diet suddenly can cause....? Diarrhea
What is ovulation? Release of mature egg to travel down oviduct
1st stage of estrous Proestrus
2nd stage of estrous Estrus
3rd stage of estrous Diestrus
4th stage of estrous Anestus
What should orphaned puppies and kittens be fed? High quality milk replacement
Non-essential acids are...? Synthesized by the body
Ideal temperature for orphaned puppies & kittens for 1st week of life 81-90°F
How big should animal enclosures be? Able to move freely, stand up, lay down and turn around
Best flooring for a kennel Concrete
Mammals can not digest what type of carbohydrate? Insoluble carbohydrates
Herbivores need insoluble carbohydrates (fibers) to provide what? Energy
Life span for rabbits is? 5-6 years
What is an essential amino acid required for cats? Taurine
This animal needs more nutrients. Lactating female
Which pet is found in the greatest number of households? Dog
One pound of this nutrient supplies the most raw energy. Fat
Definition of AAFCO Association of American Feed Control Officials
Important mineral for skin. Zinc
Five signs of inflammation Swelling, heat, pain, redness, lose of function
A mineral important for thyroid function Iodine
A complication that arises when shipping animals. Over heating
The amount of food offered after spaying & castrating an animal should be reduced by how much? 5-10%
Copper is what type of mineral? Essential micro-mineral
At what age should large breed dogs begin the weaning process? 4 weeks
Pyrexia is also know as...? Fever
What does "ad libitum" mean when feeding an animal? Free feeding
This breed of cat does not have a tail. Manx
What is considered the tallest dog breed? Irish Wolf Hound
What animal is seasonally polyestrous and is an induced ovulator? Cat
What animal has 2-3 estrous cycles per year, and is not an induced ovulator? Gestation period is 63-65 days Dog
Largest horse breed is? Clydesdale
What animal is seasonally polyestrus, has an estrous cycle of 21 days and ovulation occurs 1-2 days before the end of estrus? Equines
Pathologists study...? Diseases
What breed of cat is hairless? Sphynx
What does brachycephalic mean? Shortened airway
What dog breed needs ear cropping done, in order to meet AKC standards? Doberman Pinscher
What color of animal may be deaf or blind? White
This breed of dog, commonly has glaucoma. Shiba Inu
The most important nutrient that needs to be in a pet's diet. Water
What age should kittens begin the weaning process? 7 weeks
What is disease? An alteration from normal state of health
What are pneumatized bones? Air-filled bones
What should be avoided when restraining birds? Squeezing the keel
What breed of cat commonly has crossed eyes? Siamese
This breed of dog suffers from GVD. German Shepard
What breed of dog suffers from intravertebral disk disease (IVDD)? Dachshund
What is the number one cause of death in neonates? Hypothermia
What breed of dog may suffer from heat problems in warm climates? Bulldog
At what age should puppies umbillical cords fall off? 1-3 days
What vitamin helps blood to clot? Vitamin K
What ingredient is chocolate is potentially deadly? Theobromine
Which component in food is most commonly responsible for allergies? Protein
Which breeds of dogs commonly need cesarean sections? Brachychephalic
Airedales belong to what breed class of dogs? Terriers
What information is included in the pet's signalment? Age, breed, sex, color, reproductive status, species
Before cleaning a patient's ear, this should be checked. Tympanic Membrane
Which animal can not be scruffed? Guinea pig
Never grab the fur on a chinchilla, as it can cause...? Fur slip
A dorsal ventral radiograph would have the animal in what position? Sternal recumbancy
What is a baby ferret called? Kit
What are chelonians? Shelled reptiles
Which restraint method would be used for a vaginal smear? Standing
Heart murmurs are caused by...? Turbulence disturbing the normal flow of blood.
What is the outer flap of the ear called? Pinna
What is anthropomorphism? Giving human characteristics to animals.
What is ethology? Study of animal behavior
Which breed of dog is known as "barkless"? Basenji
What is the more recognized name for American Staffordshire Terrier? Pitbull
What breed of cat is the most common in the US? DSH (Domestic short hair)
Recumbency means? Laying down
Cats should be restrained using...? Minimal restraint
Brachycephalic breeds Shih Tzu, Pug, Bull Dog, Boston Terrier, Persian cats
What is the official name for the "sheltie"? Shetland Sheepdog
What two breeds are known for their "dread-lock" coat? Puli, Komondor
When is the most important time for behavior development in cats and dogs? 3-12 weeks
When should preventative health problems begin? 6-8 weeks old
What is the most common reason for dogs and cats to be surrendered to shelters? Behavioral problems
What are the three main groups of birds? Psittacine, Passerines, Raptors
How long do rats live? 2-3 years
How long do hamsters live? 1.5-2 years
What are guinea pigs also called? Cavies
What needs to be supplemented in a guinea pigs diet? Vitamin C
For dogs, when should umbilical cords fall off? 1-3 days
The anterior pituitary releases....? Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and lutenizing hormone (LH)
Another name for goats? Caprine
Another name for sheep? Ovine
Another name for pig? Porcine
The six basic nutrients are....? Protein, fat, carbohydrates, water, vitamins, minerals
What is the primary source of energy? Fats
What is the #1 nutrient in large animals? Carbohydrates
What is not allowed from ruminant species due to the risk of BSE (Bovine spongiform encephalopathy)? Supplemental proteins
What infectious diseases in animals, must be contained in an isolation ward? Canine Parvovirus, Feline Leukemia, Bordetella, Canine Distemper
What does TPN stand for? Total parenteral nutrition
What is one essential micro-mineral? Copper
Which species of adult males, should not be housed together? Mice
What two species can be successfully weaned from their mother after just a few days? Sheep and goats
What temperature should orphaned puppies and kittens be kept at, in their first week of life? 81-90°F
What is the acceptable time for a newborn foal to be standing and suckling from the mare? 1-2 hours
What is the smallest breed of horse? Falabella
What four factors can predispose a pet to disease? Genetic factors, dietary, environmental, metabolic
Geriatric dogs should have diets that are...? Limited in phosphorus, reduced protein, protein high in biologic value
Which organization recognizes more breeds? AKC
Airedales belong to what breed class? Terriers
What are the common causes of obesity in cats and dogs? Human food and treats
What are the two major categories of cattle? Beef and dairy
What vaccine is currently not recommended for cats? FIP
What are the characteristics of rabies? Altered behavior, possible aggression, progressive paralysis, death
What are crates used for? House training
Where does the AAFP currently recommend the leukemia vaccine be given in cats? Left rear leg
Insoluble carbohydrates like fibers, provide energy for...? Herbivores
What nutrients are not synthesized in the body and need to be supplied by diet? Essential amino acids
What breed of dog is likely to have some sort of ophthalmic surgery? Shar Pei
What three ways can you make a puppy or kitten patient comfortable for their first visit? A waiting time of less than 10 mins, treats, and separate areas for cats and dogs.
What two minerals are needed for bone absorption and re-absorption? Calcium and phosphorus
What is a cat's estrous cycle length? Seasonally polyestrus, induced ovulator, every 14-21 days 63 day gestation period
What is a horse's estrous cycle length? Seasonally polyestrus, every 21 days, 330-340 day gestation period
What is a pig's estrous cycle length? Polyestrus, every 21 days, 114 day gestation period
What is a sheep's estrous cycle length? Seasonally polyestrus, every 17 days, 150 day gestation period
What is a goat's estrous cycle length? Seasonally polyestrus, every 21 days, 150 day gestation period
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