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what are the 6 basic nutrients in order of essential needs protein, fats, carbohydrates, water, vitamins, minerals
what are the macro nutrients Na, K, CA, CL
what are the micronutrients copper, iron, selenium
what are fats also known as lipids
which essential nutrient provides the most energy lb for lb fats
what is the most essential nutrient for life water
which nutrient may be a source for allergies protein
what are the 3 energy producing nutrients protein, carbohydrates, fats
what are the 3 non energy producing nutrients water, vitamins, minerals
what do proteins consist of amino acids
which amino acid is essential for felines taurine
give two examples of a soluble carbohydrate sugar, starches
fats are also known as lipids
what are the water soluble vitamins B, C
what are the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K
which 2 species can not synthesize their own vit C humans, guinea pigs
electrolytes are an ionized form of _____________ macro minerals
which nutrient is the major source of energy for large animals carbohydrates
which organization establishes the standard for pet food label information and the description of ingredients AAFCO
what roles does water play in the body carries our water soluble vitamins, helps maintain homeostasis, helps our metabolism
what is the role of fiber in the diet increases bulk and water content of the intestines, reduces caloric density while maintaining satiety, stabilizes blood sugars, assist in regulating bowel function
what would you do to the diet of a dog diagnosed with diabetes increase insoluble carbohydrates and decrease soluble carbohydrates
what are equine nutritional needs good quality grass, and legume hay with grain added to support high activity levels
are cows ruminants yes
what causes white muscle disease selenium deficiency
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