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Latin Helpers

Study guide for Latin works pertaining to plant identification

occidentalis western growing
orientalis eastern growing
novi-belgii New York
novi-angliae New England
damascenus Damascus
canadensis Canadian
japonicus Japanese
chinenesis, sinensis Chinese
arvensis grows in meadows
montana grows in mountains
palustris grows in marshes
maritimis seashores
convallis grows in valleys
ruber/rubra red
sanguineus red
roseus pink
luteus yellow
flava yellow
aureus gold
sulphureus yellow
cyaneus blue
glaucus blue/gray
coeruleus/caeruleus blue
azureus blue
viridis green
violacea purple
purpurea purple
aurantiacus orange
niveus pure white
candidus white
alba white
argenteus silver
atro- darker
floridus bright
nitidus glossy
pallidus pale
variegatus foliage marked with yellow or white
marginatus foliage edged in yellow or white
rugosa/us rough texture
campanulatus bell shape
labiatus lip-like petals
crispus curled
nana/us dwarf, short
pyramidalis pyramid shaped plant
normalis typical for the species
serratus sharp-toothed edges
stellatus star or wheel shaped
elatus tall
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