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Small and large animal nutrition

what are the 6 basic nutrient groups protein, carbohydrates, fats, water, vitamins, minerals
why do we need energy all metabolism, cell rejuvenation, maintain homeostasis, production of new cells
which nutrients are energy producing nutrients protein, carbohydrates, fats
which are non-energy producing nutrients water, vitamins, minerals
proteins aka amino acids
what are the two types of amino acids essential and non-essential
what is an essential amino acid must be acquired in the diet
what is a non-essential amino acid are synthesized by the body
what amino acid is essential for cats taurine
fats aka lipids
which nutrient provides the most energy per unit of weight than any other nutrient fats
what are the two types of carbohydrates soluble and insoluble
what are soluable carbohydrates sugar and starches
what are insoluable carbohydrates fiber
what does fiber do for the body increases bulk and water content of intestines, makes you feel full, stabilize blood sugar levels, assists in regulating bowel function
what is the most essential nutrient for life water
what are the two types of vitamins fat soluble and water soluble
where are fat soluble vitamins stored in the liver
what are two species that cannot synthesize their own vitamin C humans and guinea pigs
what is a deficiency in Selenium cause white muscle disease in large animals
how are the ingredients listed on the labels by weight, the most being the first to the least being the last.
why is ash bad in cat food it can cause urinary stones esp in male cats
who establishes standards for food lables AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials
what is the best method of feeding methods portion control
are canine omnivores yes
when do you introduce gruel to felines at 4-6 weeks
do you decrease or increase feeding after spay or castration decrease by 10-15%
what is the primary energy source for large animal nutrition carbohydrates
are bovine ruminants yes
do bovine get animal source sourced protein no
when is it vital for bovine to receive colostrum 24-72 hours
when is a dairy cattle weaned by 2 months
when is a beef cattle weaned by 6 months
what do fats supply for the animal the most energy, highest caloric density, flavor, stored in liver, fat soluble vitamins ADEK
what are the two types of minerals macro and micro
what are the macro minerals Na, K, CA, CL
what are the micro minerals copper, iron, selenium
which micro nutrient is associated with white muscle disease selenium
list the 6 basic nutrients in order of essential needs water, carbohydrates, protein, fats, minerals and vitamins
give two examples of a soluble carbohydrate sugar, starch
how does insoluble carbohydrate benefit the body they increase bulk and water content of the intestine maintains satiety stabilizes blood sugars assists in regulating bowel function
what are the water soluble vitamins B, C
electrolytes are an ionized form of _____________ macro minerals
name 3 functions of dietary fats provide energy carrier for fat soluble vitamins palatability
name 3 functions of water in our bodies
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