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VTA 150


Name the parts of the female reproductive tract oviduct, ovary, uterine horn, mesometrium, uterine body, cervix, vagina, vulva
what is FSH follicle stimulating hormone. causes follicle to grow in ovary
what does estrogen do initiates estrus and the female becomes sexual
what does LH do causes the follicle to rupture and egg releases
what does progesterone do prepares and maintains animal for pregnancy
what is the common term for estrous cycle going into heat
name the four different estrous cycle intervals polyestrous, seasonally polyestrous, diestrous, monoestrous
what is polyestrous animal that cycles continuously through out the year.
which animal/s are polyestrous cattle and swine
which animal/s are seasonally polyestrous horse, sheep, feline
which animal/s are diestrous dogs
which animals are monoestrous wolf, fox, mink
what is seasonally polyestrous animal with seasonal variations in estrous cycle
what is diestrous animal with two cycles per year
what is monoestrous animals with one cycle per year
at what stage would we see swollen vulva, bloody discharge but wont stand for male pproestrus
at what stage would we see female accepting male less discharge and swelling estrus
estrous cycle stages hint :pro-es-di an proestrus, estrous, diestrus, anestrus
which Is the time leading up to estrous proestrus
what is the time of mating estrus
what is the time during which pregnancy is established diestrus
which is the non active period anestrus
when is the time of puberty onset for equine & sheep 18 months
when is the time of puberty onset for bovine 12 months
which animal is diestrous canine
which animal is seasonally polyestrous feline, equine, sheep
which animal is polyestrous bovine
which animal is induced ovulators cats
what is the average age a dog or cat hits puberty 6 mo
which animal has the shortest gestation period dogs and cats -2 months
which animal has the longest gestation period equine- 11 mo
which animal has the closest gestation period as humans bovine -9 mo
how do we know when a cat is ready to give birth her body temp will decrease
what is the placenta multi layered, fluid filled, membranous sac
does each puppy have its own placenta yes
what is the gestation period the time from conception to birth
when does the umbilical cord fall off with in 2-3 days
what things are responsible for continued milk supply hormones, stimulation of nipple, manual stimulation
what is parturition the process of giving birth
at what stage of labor would you see pacing, nesting, decreased body temp first stage
what forms fully after ovulation to help prepare the body to maintain pregnancy corpus luteum
how long is it before puppies and kittens can regulate their own body temperature 1-2 weeks
what is the leading cause of death in neonates hypothermia
how do you check for dehydration in neonates by the mucus membrane
what can cause dehydration in neonates lactose rich milk, insufficient nursing, diarrhea
what is another word for false pregnancy pseudo pregnancy
what are a couple things we would do with an abandoned neonate clear the airway, establish a HR, keep warm, supplement diet, proper safe environment
what will the female equine behavior be during estrous cycle a raised tail and winking vulva
what is dystocia a difficult birth
what would be signs of dystocia hard labor, 30 min with no progress, more than one hour between births
what is a retained placenta a placenta that does not deliver
what would a greenish discharge after partition be the placenta
what is mastitis` inflammation of mammary glands
what is eclampsia less then normal levels of calcium
what is pyometria a puss filled uterus
what is pectus excavatum when born ribs are concave
what is a foramen ovale an opening in the heart between the left and right atrium whish closes up after birth
what is the most important aspect of a physical exam of a neonate getting a comprehensive history
what is estrogen responsible for initiates estrus and the female becomes sexual
what is LH responsible for stimulates the ovary to rupture and release the egg
what is progesterone responsible for helps the body prepare and maintain pregnancy
does it take longer to wean kittens or puppies kittens
does a puppies temp raise or lower 1 week after birth raise
how do you sex a kitten by anogenital distance - males is longer
when should dew claws and tail dockings be done within the first 24-72 hours
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