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Medical Terminology SUFFIXES

-able, -ible, -ble The power to be
-ac, -ar, -ary, -eal, -iac, -ial, -ile, -tic Pertaining to
-ad Toward; in the direction of
-aemia, -emia Pertaining to blood
-age Put in motion; to do
-ago Attack; diseased condition
-agra Seizure; severe pain
-aise Comfort; ease
-algia Pain
-arche Beginning
-ase Enzyme
-asthenia Weakness
-atonic Lack of tone or strength
-bin Two; double; twice
-blast Embryonic cell or a structure
-capnia Carbon dioxide
-cele Swelling; hernia; cyst; tumor
-centesis Surgical puncture
-cidal Death
-cide Destroying; killing
-clast, -classis Break
-clysis Irrigation
-coccus Bacteria (round)
-coel Hollow
-crasia Mixture
-crine Separate; secrete
-crit Separate
-cytosis Condition of cells
-desis Bind; surgical fixation
-dipsia Thirst
-drome Run together
-duct Opening
-ectasia, -ectasis Expansion; dilatation; distention
-ectomy A cutting out
-emesis Vomiting
-emia Condition of the blood
-esis Abnormal state or condition
-esthesia Sensation; feeling
-exia, exis Condition
-facient Producing
-ferent, -ferous Carrying
-fic Forming; producing
-form Form; figure; shape
-fuge Drive away
-fusion Pour
-gene Production; origin; formation
-genesis; -genic, -ific, -iferous Producing
-globulin Protein
-gog, -gogue To make flow
-grade To go
-gram A tracing; a mark
-graph A writing; a record
-graphy Process of recording
-iasis, -igo Denoting a condition or pathological state
-id, -iform Denoting shape or resemblance
-in Substance (specialized function)
-ism State; process; condition
-ite, -ia Of the nature of
-itis Denoting inflammation
-ium Structure
-kinesis Motion
-lepsy Seizure
-lith, -lite Calculus, stone
-logia, -logy Denoting discourse, science, or study of
-lysis Dissolution; destruction
-lytic To destroy; reduce
-malacia Softening
-mania Obsessive
-megaly Enlargement
-mimetic Copy; mimic
-necrosis Tissue death
-oid Denoting form or resemblance
-ologist Specialist
-ology Study of
-oma Denoting a tumor, usually benign
-osis Denoting any morbid process; abnormal condition
-osmia Smell; odor
-ostomosis, -ostomy, -stomy Outlet; to furnish with an opening or mouth
-otomy Cut into
-para Bring forth; bear
-paresis Slight or incomplete paralysis
-partum Birth; labor
-pathy Morbid condition; disease
-penia Deficiency
-pexy Surgical fixation
-phage To eat
-pharesis Remove
-philia Love of; increase
-phonia Voice; sound
-phoresis Carrying; transmission
-phoria Feeling; mental state; to bear
-phylaxix Prevention; protection
-physis Grow
-phyte Plant
-plakia Scale; thin; flat layer
-plasty, -plasia Molding or shaping
-plegia, -plegic Paralysis
-pnea, -pneic Breathing
-poiesis Formation
-prandial Meal
-praxia Action
-ptosis Drooping
-raphy, -rhaphy, -rrhaphy Suturing or stitching
-rhagia, -rrhagia, Discharge; usually a bleeding
-rhea, -rrhea Flow or discharge
-rrhexis Rupture of a blood vessel
-sarcoma Malignant tumor
-schisis Divided; cleft
-sclerosis Hardness; abnormal dryness
-scopy Instrument for viewing
-somnia Sleep
-spasm Tightening; sudden involuntary contraction
-stalsis Contraction
-stasis, -static Stopping, controlling
-stenosis Narrowing; stricture
-sthenia Strength
-stomosis, -stomy New opening
-syndesis Surgical fixture of vertebrae
-tocia, -tocin Labor; birth
-tome, -trite Cutting instrument
-tomy Denoting a cutting operation
-tresia Opening
-tripsy Crushing
-trophy Nourishment; development; growth
-tropia To turn
-ultra Beyond; excess
-us Thing
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