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Medical Terminology PREFIXES

a-, ab-, abs- From; away; departing from the normal
ad- Addition to; toward; nearness
af-, ag- Toward
al- Similar
algi- Pain; suffering
all- Other; different
amb-, ambi- Both
amph- Around; on both sides; doubly
amphi- On both sides
ampho- Both
an- Negative; without or not
ana- Upper; away from
andro- Signifying man
angi- Vessel
aniso- Unequal
ant-, anti- Against
ante-, antero- Front; before
ap-, as-, at- Toward
apo- Oppose; detached
auto- Self
bi-, bis- Two; twice; double
bio- Life
brady- Slow
brom-, bromo- A stench
bulla- Blister
cac- Bad; ill
cat-, cata-, cath-, kata-, kath- Down; downward; lower; under
cent- Hundred
cera- Wax
circa- About
circum- Around
co-, con-, com- With; together
contra- Opposite; against
de- Down from; lack of, not
deca-, deci- Ten; tenth
dek-, deka- Ten
demi- Half
di- Twice
dia- Through; apart; across; between; complete
dialy- To separate
dis- Reversal; separation; negative; duplication
dys- Bad; difficult; disordered
e- Out of; from
ec-, ecto-, ef-, es- Outside; out
em- In
en-, end-, endo-, ento-, eso- Inward; within
ep-, epi- Upon; in addition to; above
eu- Normal; good; well; easy
ex-, exo- Out of; away from; outside
extra- Outside; beyond; in addition to
fibro- Relating to fibers
fore- In front of; before
hecto- Hundred
hem-, hemo- Relating to the blood
hemi- Half
heter-, hetero- Meaning other; relationship to another; different
hex-, hexa- Six
holo- All
homeo-, homo- Denoting likeness or resemblance
hydra- Water
hyper- Above; excessive; beyond
hypo- Below; less than
ideo- Pertaining to mental images
idio- Separate and distinct; oneself
in- Into, not; in; inside; without; also intensive action
infra- Below; beneath; inferior to
inter- In the midst; between
intra-, intro- Within; inside; into
ipsi- Same
iso- Equal; alike
juxta- Of close proximity; nearby
kera- Horn; hardness
karyo- Nucleus of a cell
kilo- One thousand
kypho- Humped
mal- Illness; disease; bad; poor
med-, medi-, mes- Middle
meta- Beyond; change; behind; next; after
micro- Small; one millionth of a unit
milli- One thousandth
mio- Smaller; less
mono- One; single
multi- Many
nano- Dwarf; small size
necro- Denoting death
neo- New
noci- Harm; injury
non- No; nine
nor- Normal or parent compound (chemical term)
ob- Against
oligo- Scanty
omni- all
oxy- Oxygen; sharp; acid; quick
pachy- Thick
pan- All; entire
para- Pair; beside; apart from
per- Through; by means of; excessive
peri- Around; about; near
poly- Many
post- Behind; after
pre- Before; on behalf of
pro- Before; in front of
pseudo- False
quadri-, quart- Four
quint- Fifth
re- Back; again (contrary)
retro- Backward; behind
semi- Half
sex- Six
steato- Fatty
sub- Under; less; below
super- supra- Above; excessiver; higher than
sym-, syn- With; along; joined together
tachy- Swift
tert- Third
tetra- Four
trans- Across; over
tri- Three
un- Not; reversal
uni- One
zoo- Animal; life
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