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Roundworm Toxascaris or Toxocara
Tapeworm (fleas) Dipylidium
Hookworm Ancylostoma
Whipworm Trichuris
Tapeworm (rodent) Taenia
Coccidia Isospora
Heartworm Dirofilaria immitis
Giardia Giardia
Nematode Round species of parasitic worms
Hookworm Uncinaria Stenocephala
Heartworms live in Right ventricle and pulmonary artery
Immature heartworms Microfilaria
Tapeworm segments Proglottids
Coccidia cyst stage Oocyst
Two protozoa studied Coccidia and Giardia
Looks like rice Tapeworm segements
Definitive Host Hosts sexually mature adult
Intermediate Host Carries the parasite and nourishes it
Paratentic/Transport Host Parasites survive but do not reproduce on host
OLM Ocular Larval Migrans
Define OLM Toxocara larval infestation of the human eye
CLM Cutaneous Larval Migrans
Define CLM Hookworm larval infection of the skin
Anthelmintic Dewormer
Strongid Pyrantel Pamoate, dogs/cats, safe at 2 weeks, roundworm
Lopatol Nitroscanate, oral tab, safe at 2 weeks, roundworm/hookworm/tapeworm
Fenbenzolazole Granules, dogs only, age/weight unknown, roundworm/tapeworm/whipworm
Droncit Praziquantel, safe at 4 weeks, oral tab, tapeworm
Drontal Praziquantel + Pyrantel, cats only, oral tabs, bad taste, safe at 4 weeks or 2lbs, roundworm/tapeworm
Drontal Plus Praziquantel + Pyrantel + Fenbenzolazole, oral tabs, dogs only, bad taste, safe at 4 weeks or 2lbs, round/hook/tape/whipworm
Dolpac Pyrantel + Oxantel + Praziquantel, dogs only, flavoured oral tabs, safe at 4 weeks or over 1kg, round/hook/whip/tapeworm
Milbemax Milbemycin + Praziquantel, cats only, flavoured oral tab, safe at 6 weeks, round/hook/tapeworm
Profender Emodepside + Praziquantel, cats only, topical liquid, safe at 0.5kg, tapeworm
Interceptor Milbemycin Oxime, dogs & cats, flavoured oral tabs, round/hook/whip/heartworms
Capstar Nitenpyram, cats & dogs, oral tab, safe at 4 weeks, lasts 24 hours, adulticide that travels systematically and kills feeding fleas
Program Lufenuron, dogs & cats, oral tab, liquid injection for cats, given monthly during flea season, inhibits chitin production, must treat for minimum of 3 months
Advantage/Advantage II Imidacloprid, dogs & cats, safe at 8 weeks, topical liquid, kills fleas on contact, treats environment via dander/fur, all pets must be treated
Comfortis Spinosad, dogs only, not safe for use with Hx of seizures, oral tab, may cause vomiting, made from naturally occuring bacteria
Advantix Imidaclopid + Permethren, dogs only, monthly topical liquid, contains arachnid killer
MilbeMite Milbemycin Oxime, otic liquid solution, dogs & cats, kills ear mites, typically only one dose needed
Flea Life Cycle Adult feeds on host animal (blood meal), lays eggs on the animal, eggs fall off the animal and into the environment, hatch into larvae, turn into pupae, hatch as adults
Sentinel Lufenuron + Milbemycin, flavoured oral tab, dogs & cats, safe at 8 weeks, round/hook/whip/heartworm and fleas
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