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Europe Civilizations

Period 2 social studies

What are the important rivers? Rhine, Danube
Who is Pepin the Short ? The First king of a knew dynasty
Where did Charlemagne want to build the Christian empire? Europe
When did Charles Martel reunite the Frankish Lands? 717
Why was Charles Martel important? Defeated Spanish Muslim invaders
How where the mountain climates in the north and south of the continent? Moist,warm
Who where the Frankish leaders? Charles Martel , Pepin the Short , Charlemagne
What does emperor mean? Supreme ruler
What does topography mean? Geography
What are plains? Low flatlands
Who were in the religious orders? Monks,and nuns
What are some activities monks performed? Study bible, pray at 2:30am to 7 pm
Where do monks live? Monastery
What are some activities nuns performed? Pray, study bible, took care of poor and sick
What opportunities did nuns have in their life? Study, scholarship, safety, and health
How did Christianity spread across Europe? By 3 people
Who were the people that helped spread Christianity across Europe? St.Patrick, Pope Gregory1, St.Boniface
Where did Pope Gregory spread Christianity? England
Where did St.Patrick spread Christianity? Ireland
Where did St.Boniface spread Christianity? Germany and the Netherlands
Created by: yatzilr10