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130 Final Questions

Touchs surface of a a fungal growth and does not disturb fungal spores Tease mount
A tool that is used to measure the viscosity of a liquid and it's PH level Refractometer
Assists with clotting Coagulant
Fleas can be intermediate hosts for Tape worms
Immuglobulins are Antibiotics
An increased plasma protein level indicates what? Dehydration
Dog tick would be best visualized with what objective lens? 40x
The specific gravity of a fluid is measured against? Distilled water
A common vector for K9 heartworm is? Mosquitoes
PCV values may be elevated if an animal is...? Dehydrated
Unable to urinate Anuria
Staining a urine sedimentation sample improves? Visualization of cellular matter
Fungal cultures are incubated at Room temperature
Physical appearance of plants but no chlorophyll Fungi
Cause a condition known as cutaneous larva migrans Hookworm
Invasion of pathogenic organisms within or on the body Infection
Refractometer measures what? Serum total protein
ALT levels test the function of? Liver
Why is it important to balance the centrifuge? (Write in question on final) Safety, prolongs the life of the motor, provides optimal results
Colostrum provides what type of immunity? Passive
Most errors in the laboratory are caused by? Human clerical order
Triple phosphate crystals (AKA) Struvite crystals
What would you find in a PCV tube? Plasma
Which objective lens is the high dry lens? 40x
What disease is the most difficult to eradicate? K9 parvo
When switching from an oil immersion lens to power lens, the oil should be removed from what? The oil immersion lens & the slide
A definite host harbors the? Adult stage of the parasite
When visualizing the trophozoite or cyst stage of Giarda which "TOTAL" magnification would be needed? 400x
Small ear mite would be best visualized with what objective lens? 10x
Which sample should be 1-2 grams submitted to the lab? Fecal
Dosoventrally flattened & have a muscular suckers for attachment Trematode & cestodes
Bacteria cultures are incubated at? Body temperature
Total magnification power refers to? Objective lens times eye piece
Rupturing a blood cell Hemolysis
Withdrawing fluid Centesis
How long do you flush your eyes if needed? 5-10min
The microscope has a 10x lens on the _____ ____, & a second lens on the _____ _____ Eye piece, nose piece
Dry scanning lens Red lens (4x)
Used to identify large things like ectoparasites (fleas & ticks) Dry scanning lens (4x)
Low dry lens Yellow lens (10x)
Used to evaluate toxocara sp. Eggs, ear mites, crystals in urine Low dry lens (10x)
High dry lens Blue lens (40x)
Used to evaluate small things (WBC, Fungal hyphae) High dry lens (40x)
Oil immersion lens White (100x)
Used to evaluate very small things like WBCs & bacteria Oil immersion lens (100x)
Keep the microscope _____ at all times Upright
If you don't clean the oil immersion lens & the slide it will? Damage lower power lenses & cause visibility problems on the low power fields
Most common WBC Neutrophil
Amylase & lipase are part of the function test for which organ system? Pancreas
High level of plasma protein on refractometer can mean? Liver problems
Is it acceptable to force blood through syringe when making blood smear? No- hemolysis
When evaluating blood smear scan on ____ power to select thinnest most visible area. Low
What is the Buffy coat? White blood cells
What does a large number of neutrophils & lymphocytes indicate? A systematic infection
What is another name for blood flukes in the circulatory system? Schistosome
Reddish-brown tint or foamy urine signifies? Blood in urine or elevated bilirubin
If bacterial culture & sensitivity is going to be run, how should a sample be collected? Sterile swab
When catheterizing patient does one wear gloves? Yes
Urine must be at ____ temperature for accurate results on the chemical reagent strips Room
What urine crystal is associated with antifreeze toxicity? Calcium oxyclitate crystals
Do not expose to air Anaerobic bacteria
Always avoid what when collecting a sample Contamination
Avoid airborne contamination of culture media by keeping? Sealed properly
Centimentation then centrifugation are the best methods for identifying what? Fluke eggs
How is a sample collected to check for a respiratory virus Scraping & swabing nasal passages
Which is larger neutrophil or bacteria Neutrophil
Name 3 methods of fecal analysis Direct smear, fecal float, centrifuge
What causes keratoconjunctivis? Bacteria or pink eye
Dirofilaria is what type of parasite? Nematode
What is found in a purple top tube ? EDTA
What is found in a blue top tube ? Sodium citrate
What is found in a green top tube ? Sodium heparin
To send an incisional skin sample biopsy to the lab you would use? Formalin jar
A sterile curettes swab would be used to send what type of sample to the lab Bacteria from a wound
Serum total protein is measured with what instrument Refractometer
Balance, locked lid and using the break only in an emergency are all safety rules for? The centrifuge
BUN & creatinine levels will show the function of what organ? Kidney
Total magnification power refers to...? Objective Lens & Eye Piece
Normal turnover of tubular epithelial cells casts in a urine sample
How are tapeworms most often diagnosed? Worms noticed around the anus
Gram negative organisms will stain this colour Pink
Ascarid is another name for....? Roundworm
Branch of pathology that studies disease at cellular level Cytopatholoy
Another name for attenuated vaccine Modified Live Vaccine
Packed cell volume measures this. Percentage of red blood cells
How is tetanus bacteria transferred from the soil to a human? Open wound
A toxoplasma that is dangerous to pregnant women and cats. Protozoa
Pediculosis is an infestation of...? Lice
The infective stage of which parasite is the proglottid? Tapeworm
Dry scanning lens 4x
Burrowing mite that does not cause pruritis & is considered a normal part of the skin flora. Demadex
Nematodes Roundworms
Trematodes Flatworms; Fluke
Cestodes Tapeworms
Strict anaerobic bacteria cannot...? Grow in the presence of oxygen
Objective lens used to visualize bacteria 100x
Eats pathogens and bacteria Neutrophil
Microsporum canis causes...? Ringworm
Round shape bacteria Cocci
Rod shaped bacteria Bacilli
Spiral shaped bacteria Spirilla
Two most common protrazoans Giardia & Coccidia
What is the cause of animal mange? Scabies & demodex
What to mix with feces for a direct smear? Distilled water
Can be transmitted through the mother's milk Hookworms and roundworms
Sucking lice have...? A smaller head
Biting lice have...? A bigger head
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