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Health units for PE

Health unit 3

1. Cells the basic building blocks of life.
2. Tissue groups of similar cells that do the same kind of work
3. Organs structures made up of different types of tissues that all work together.
4. Skeletal System a body system consisting of bones and the tissues connecting them
5. Muscular System made up of all the muscles in your body
6. Digestive System The body system that controls digestion of food.
7. Excretory System gets rid of the wastes your body produces and also maintains fluid balance.
8. Circulatory System allows the body to move blood to and from tissues
9. Respiratory System enables you to breathe; transports oxygen and carbon dioxide into and out of the body
10. Nervous System the control center and communication system of the body
11. Disease a condition that affects the proper functioning of the body or mind
12. Communicable Disease diseases that can be spread
13. Non-communicable Disease diseases that do not spread, such as cancer and diabetes
14. Pathogen a microscopic organism that causes communicable disease
15. Contagious when one can spread a virus to others by direct or indirect contact
16. Vaccine medicine that protect you from getting certain diseases
17. Medicines drugs used to treat, cure or prevent disease
18. Prescription Medicines medicines sold only with a written order from a doctor.
19. Over-the-counter Medicines medicines available without a written order from a doctor.
20. Antibiotic medicine that kills or stops the growth of bacteria and other specific germs
21. Side Effect any reaction to a medicine other than the one intended
22. Tolerance the body becomes used to the medicine and it longer has the same effect
23. Nicotine a drug that speeds up the heartbeat and affects the central nervous system
24. Carbon Monoxide poisonous, odorless gas produced when tobacco burns
25. Tar Thick, oily, dark liquid that forms when tobacco burns
26. Emphysema a disease that occurs when the tiny air sacs in the lungs lose their elasticity, or ability to stretch
27. Alcohol a substance produced by a chemical reaction in carbohydrates
28. Depressant a drug that slows down the brain and body functions
29. Cirrhosis destruction and scarring of the liver tissue
30. Inhalants substances whose fumes or vapors are inhaled, or breathed in
31. Marijuana an illegal drug that comes from the hemp plant; also known as pot or weed
32. Stimulants drugs that speed up the body’s functions
33. Narcotics strong drugs that relieve pain; prescription drugs that are abused
34. Hallucinogens illegal drugs that cause the user’s brain to create or distort images and to see and hear things that are not real
Created by: AwsomeG