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FINALS WEEK!!!! Study Guides Review

What is Homeostasis? equilibrium amoung the body systems
Which part of the sternum is most caudal? Manubrium or Xiphoid process? xiphoid process
The right plantar surface of a dog would be found where? right hind limb, bottom surface
Sebaceous gland excrete: sebum
The growth of a hoof takes place where? caronary band
The wall of a hoof is made from? keratinized epithelial cells
Anatomy is the study of? structure or parts of the body
Physiology is the study of? body functions
The dorsal body cavity contains? brain, spinal cord; central nervous system
Blood vessels are found in what layer of skin? dermis
Transitional cells are the only cells that have the ability to? stretch
Name the four levels of cell organization? cell, tissue, organ, systems
Microscopes should be cleaned with alachol. True or False? false
Which one is larger? Mite or Tick? tick
What is one sign that a pet may have tape worms? rice like segments in the poop
Tapeworms come from? fleas
Name three items of personal protection that should be worn in the laboratory? gloves, goggles, apron
Which objective lens is the scanning lens on a microscope? 4x
which objective lens is the high dry lens? 40x
The total magnification of an object is the combination of the objective lens and the eyepiece. True or False true
On a microscope, the course objective is only used on what magnification lens? 4x
Which burrowing parasite, even at heavy infestations, does not usually cause pruritus? demodex
A definitive host harbors the adult stage of the parasite. True or False? true
Which type of parasite resides on the surface of the host? ectoparasite
Pediculosis is an infestation of which parasite? lice
Tetanus is spread through contaminated? soil
Fleas are intermediate hosts for which parasite? tapeworm
Walking dandruff is also known as? cheyletiella
Heartworm is carried by which insect? mosquito
Ascarid is another name for what parasite? roundworm
Which joint is similar to the knee in humans? stifle
Adduction moves a limb? toward the midline or body
Which bones are found in the antebrachuim? ulna and radius
Tendons connect? muscle to bone
Ligaments connect? bone to bone
What joint is also known as the scapulohumeral joint? Shoulder joint
Osteo refers to? bone
Myo refers to? muscles
Arthro refers to? joints
What type of injection would be given in the lumbar muscles? intramuscular (IM)
What is a foramen? opening in bone that allows tissue to pass through
What does the biceps brachium do? decreases the angle of the elbow joint, flexes the arm
When preparing a direct smear, which liquid is mixed with fecal material on the slide? distilled water
Giardia trophozoites as seen under which magnification? 4x
Trematodes are also known as? flukes (flatworms)
Fluke eggs as usually identified as a result of what fecal testing process? centrifugal
Name three methods of fecal analysis? direct smear, simple float, centrifuge float
Spongy, light bone is called? cancellous bone
Dense, heavy bone is called? compact bone
Osteoblasts are responsible for? creating bone, bone formation
Name four shapes of bone? long, short, irregular, flat
Diseases with confirmed diagnoses that must be reported to local, state or federal health authorities are called what kind of disease? reportable disease
Rabies is spread through which bodily fluid? saliva
What is the goal of a veterinary assistant in the laboratory? insure the results are accurate, precise and reliable
What must be done before moving from oil immersion lens to an objective lens? clean off the oil
What do veins have in them that arteries do not? one-way valves
Using an automated blood analyzer eliminates the need for evaluating blood under a microscope. True or False? false
Anemia is an abnormally low number of circulating? red blood cells
What are the two divisions of the circulatory system? blood vascular and lymphatic
The integumentary system includes what structures? skin, hair, nails, hoofs, horns, feathers
The feet, claws and beak of a bird are composed of what? bone, and keratinized epithelial cells
Leukemia causes an increase in what? abnormal leukocytes (white blood cells)
What solutions can be used to prepare a direct fecal smear? distilled water or saline
An erythrocyte is what? red blood cell
Is a gram stain a differential stain or a simple stain? differential
Name three zoonotic diseases that are transmitted by contaminated water? giardia, cryptosporidiosis, coccidiosis
Microsporum canis causes what? ringworm
Which vein is commonly used to place IV catheters? sephalic vein
Cardiomyopathy affects what? heart muscle; it is the disease of heart muscle
After blood is centrifuged, the liquid portion at the top is known as? serum
Leukopenia is? deficiency of white blood cells
If you are viewing an animal from the craniocaudal position, how are you viewing them? head to tail
Blood flowing from the right ventricle of the heart is flowing through the pulmonary artery and toward the? lungs
Is the distal portion of a tail toward the body or toward the tip? toward the tip
Which two muscle tissues are striated and designed for strength in contraction? skeletal and cardiac
What are the tissue types? Epithelial, nervous, muscle, connective
"situated nearer to the central axis of the body relative to another body part" is the definition for which directional term? proximal
Moving a limb toward the midline s known as? Adduction
Does flexion increase or decrease the angle of a joint? decrease
Infection with the larvae of Thelazia spp. causes? verminous conjunctivitis
Blood urea nitrogen levels can be obtained by doing a CBC. True or False False
The parasite Toxoplasma gondii infects? cats and people
What is the normal PCV% for a dog? 45%
What is a normal finding on a horse blood smear? rouleaux
Agglutination means? blood clumping of red blood cells
Eosinophils would be found during when? allergies or parasitic infections
A purple top tube contains what anticoagulant? ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)
Centesis is the clinical term for? inserting a needle into a body cavity and withdrawing fluid
In felines an excessively high PCV is an indication of what? dehydration
Which PPE should be used when handling an animal infected with ringworm? gloves
Polled breeds of livestock are livestock without horns
Another name for subcutaneous is? hypodermis
The stifle joint is what type of joint? synovial joint
circular skeletal muscle that can constricts or dilate at the end of a of a body sphincter
What is the correct order of vertebrae from cranial to caudal? cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, coccygeal
The visceral organs are stimulated by what part of the nervous system? autonomic
Which muscles aid in respiration? intercostals, diaphragm
What magnification is used to identify the trophozoite or cyst stage of Giardia? 40x
Nematodes are? roundworms
Cestodes are?; tapeworms
Mange is caused by what? sarcoptes scabiei
A definitive host is? adult stage of the parasite
Neutrophils are best examined under what lens of the microscope? 40x
Inflammation is ? tissue swelling normally accompying by pain
Infection is? invasion of pathogenic organisms on or with the body
What is present is plasma that is not present in serum? fibrogens; clotting factors
What sterile tube is the best one to use for sending a sterile urine sample to the lab? red top tube
Name the two layers, or phases of blood? liquid and cellular
Red blood cells lose their? nucleus
All cells start from what kind of cells? stem cell
A refractometer is used to measure what? total protein
Urine sediment should be stained to improve visualization of cellular matter. True or False? true
Cytology is the study of? cells
Histopathology is the study of? diseased tissue
Cocci are what shape? round
Baccilli are what shape? rods
Another word for platelet is? thrombocytes
Name the five types of white blood cells? basophil, neutrophils, monocytes, lymphocyte, eosinophil
An attenuated vaccine is also known as a modified live vaccine. True or False? True
A gram stain is what kind of stain? differential stain
The specific gravity of a liquid is measured against the weight/concentration of what? distilled water
What is the role of neutrophil? phagocytize microorganisms
The larvae of Thelazia causes a condition known as? eye worms
The granules in a basophil contain what two things? heptamine & histamine
What shape are red blood cells? concave
A purple top tube is used for what blood tests? CBC and platelet counts
A red top tube contains what anti-coagulant? none
A systemic infection would be indicated by an elevated number of which two white blood cells? neutrophils and monocytes
Urine with a low specific gravity, but normal kidney values would indicate what? dilute urine
Creatinine levels are evaluated to determine the function of what organ? kidneys
PCV values may be elevated if a pet is? dehydrated
Serum total protein is measured with what instrument? refractometer
Increased plasma protein levels indicate what? dehydration
Agglutination is? clumping of red blood cells
Hemoglobin is? oxygen carrying protein of the blood
Mean corpuscular value, or MCV, is the measurement of what? average size of the red blood cells
Tests for amylase and lipase would be used to evaluate the function of what organ? pancreas
ALT, or alanine aminotransferase, is a test to evaluate the function of what organ? liver
Bile acid is formed in what organ? liver
Gram negative organisms will appear what color? pink
The noncellular portion of blood that still contains fibrin is? plasma
The liquid portion of blood that remains after centrifugation is called? serum
The best tube to use to send a urine sample to the lab is a? red top tube
Best time to collect a urine sample is? morning
The most sterile way to collect a urine sample is? cystocentesis
When switching from an oil immersion lens to lower lens, the oil should be removed from the oil immersion lens and slide. True or False? true
A symptom of Dirofilaria is? coughing
Maintenance records of a refractometer are kept to record? cleaning and calibration
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