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Health unit 4


Self-image – how you see yourself; also known as self-concept
Reinforce – support
Self-esteem – measure of how much you like and respect yourself
Resilience – the ability to work through and recover from disappointment
Gangs – groups of young people who participate in violent or criminal activity
Responsibility -- the opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions without authorization
Accountability – answerable for your actions and decisions
Moral -- based on an understanding or right and wrong
Self-Control – being in charge of your emotions, desires, and obligations.
Stress – your body’s response to changes around you
Eustress – stress that has a positive effect
Distress -- stress that prevent you from doing what you need to do, or stress that causes you discomfort
Anxiety – feelings of uncertainty or worry over what may happen
Adrenaline – a hormone that prepares the body to respond to stress
Risk Behavior – an action or decision that could cause harm
Accident – an unexpected event that results in damage or harm
Accidental Injuries – injuries caused by unexpected events
Accident Chain – a sequence of events that often leads to an accidental injury
Hazard – possible sources of harm
Smoke alarm – a device that makes a warning noise when it senses smoke
Fire Extinguisher – device that releases chemicals that smother flames
Pedestrians – people traveling on foot
Neighborhood Watch Programs – programs in which residents are trained to identify and report suspicious activity
First Aid – the care first given to an injured or ill person until regular medical care can be supplied
Rescue Breathing -asubstitute for normal breathing in which someone forces air into the victim’s lungs
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) – a rescue measure that attempts to restore heartbeat and breathing
Abdominal Thrusts – quick upward pulls into the diaphragm to force out the object blocking the airway
Poison Control – a community agency that helps people deal with poisoning emergencies
Created by: Dtaylor013