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Health Unit 1


Health A combination of physical and mental and Social health
Wellness A state of well being or total health
Habit A pattern of behivor you follow without thinking
Counsmer Someone who buys a proudct or service
Advertisement A message desined to influence counsmers to buy a product or service
Target audience A proudcet which is intend for a group of people
Fruad A calculated effort to trick or fool
Endorsement A statement of approval
Infomercials A long television commercial that gives information instead of trying to sell the proudct
Body image How you view your body
Eating disorder Eating behivor said that can damage the body
Anorexia Nervosa An obsessive to lose weight so refuses to eat
Bulimia Large amounts are counsmers in a short period of time which causes depression, self -Inceeded vomiting, purging, or fasting
Serving size The amount of food or drink genrally served
Body mass index Individuals body mass divided by the square of his or her height
Heredity The process in which biological parentsass their traits to children
Environment The sum of your surroundings
Enviormental influences The physical social and cultural conditions effecting growth devolpment
Culture The customs beliefs and behaviors of a group
Peers Your friends and other people's in your age group
Volunteerisim Use of involvement to volunteer, esp. The community services without being paid
Community The people of the district or country esp. In the Context of social values and responsibility; society
Common identity Having similar interests and goals
Leadership Ability to combine knowledge of self and others to achieve a common goal; leaders model responsible behavior,tolerant of others opinions
Social wellness Means having the ability to interact successfully with people One personal environment
Physical wellness Involves to have the ability of carrying out daily task develop to cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness
Emotional wellness Ability to control stress Express emotions comfortably
italeectuall wellness Involves the ability to learn and use information effectively for personal, Family,career development
Environmental wellness To promote health measures that prooves of living quality Life in the community Including laws agencies safeguard the physical environment
Spiritual wellness provide the meaning and direction in life enables you to grow. Learn and meet new challenges
Occupational wellness Comprises aspects of wellness to help achieve A balance between work and lesuire in a way that promotes health sense of personal satisfaction
Financial wellness Having a sense of your financial situation and taking care of it in such a way. You're prepared for Financial changes. Living Within your means
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