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Vetrinary Chapter 6


What are the kinds of bones? Short,Long,Flat,Irregular and seasmoid
examples of flat bones? skull,pelvis,scapula and ribs
3 regions of the long bone? epiphysis,metaphysis and diaphysis
5 fractures in animals? Fissured,Greenstick,Transverse,Comminuted and Oblique
what are ligments? connects 1 bone to another
tendons? connects muscles to bones
what is the epiphysis? portoin of the bone covered with articular cartilage
Diaphysis? shaft of a long bone
what is the synovial? thick tranparent fluid that is found in joints resembles egg whites
act of bending? flexion
act of strecthing out? extension
abduction taking away from
adduction taking towards
what is the endosteum? membrane that lines the wall to medullary cavity
another name for shoulder joint? scapulohumeral
Depressed area that is often found on the flat bone Fossa
Two major categories of fractures? simple and compound
Circumduction carrying around
Vertebrae of the neck cervical
digit on horse which bears weight third
inflammation of a joint arthritis
vertebrae associated with chest cavity thoractic
vertebrae of the tail coccygeal
space bewteen ribs intercostal
fracture type in which numerous bone fragments occur comminuted
knee of the horse carpus
muscle group that reduces the angle of the joint flexor
inflammation of all bone panosteoitis
hip joint coxofermoral
largest bone of the tarus calcaneus
Surgical procedure used to correct a bone deformity orthapedic
osteoblast specilized cell that deposits calcium for bone formation
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