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Veterinary Chapter 4

Blood Chapter

Plasma is composed of? Water...Also proteins,lipids,sugars and electrolytes
Thin layer of leukocytes and thrombocytes "Buffy Coat"
what is Packed Cell Volume? Measurement from bottom to the top of erythrocytes
What is anticoagulant? Chemical that prohibits clotting
What is erythropoietin? Hormone in the kidney that stimulates bone marrow to produce erythrocytes
Neutrophil maturation sequence myeloblast,promyelocyte,myelocyte,metamyelocyte,band and mature neutrophil
Essential to tranport oxygen and some carbon dioxide Hemoglobin
3 granulocytes neutrophil,basophil and eosinophil
Largest luekocyte? Monocyte
another name for Phatelets Thrombocytes
Hemostasis stops? Hemorrhage
Erythrocyte maturation sequence rubricblast,prorubcitcyte,rubricyte,metarubricyte,reticulocytre and mature erythrocyte
Condition of increased numbers of lymphocytes Lymphocytosis
Pancytopenia deficiency of all cells
Cell from which platelets are formed megakaryocyte
granulocyte that stain red eosinophil
excesive bilirubin in circulating blood bilirubinemia
granulocyte that do not readily accept stain neutrophil
multiple staining qualties of red polychoromasia
ball cell spherocyte
study of blood hematology
study of form morphology
marrow cell myelocyte
seperate blood hematocrit
cell with granules granulocyte
size variation of erythrocyte aniscocytosis
schizocyte split cell
fatty blood lipemia
red cell erythrocyte
process of stopping blood hemostasis
liquid component of blood left over after the blood has clotted serum
Erythrocyte originate in bone marrow form rubriblast
younger the lymphocyte the.... larger it is
Basophilic Things that stain blue
instrument to rapidly spin specimens to simple sample component centifuge
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